Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats: That’s all you need to know

The cold is now at the door and with the heating accesses the price increases are inevitable. Ecobeenel is one of the Smart thermostats that save on heating bills. Here’s what you need to know about the tools. It can help you reduce energy consumption and protect the environment.

The fact of Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats

Saving in bills now that consumption with heating will tend to increase is certainly one of the needs of many Italian families. Stuart Lombard has long been living for a goal: to reduce carbon emissions in the world, saving money for families. In fact, the heating and cooling of houses constitute the majority of utility costs. So Lombard tried to find a better way to monitor the energy use of a house and founded. The company has developed an intelligent thermostat that saves up to 23% a year on heating and cooling bills.

Centrica Hive

Centrica Hive

It is another company that works to make the home a smart home. With Hive Active Heating the house is already hot when the residents arrive. Without having been heated unnecessarily for hours while you are away. The heating is controlled by the smartphone. Many think that turning the house into a “smart home” is a difficult and expensive operation. Fortunately, Hive Active Heating thermostat by Centrica Hive aims to help you make your home better in an easier, faster and more cost-effective way in terms of energy efficiency over the long term.

Hive Active Heating

Hive Active Heating

Turning home into a smart environment and enjoying the benefits of home automation does not mean making structural changes or drastic changes to your home. At least not anymore. Smart thermostats, such as Hive, allow you to check if the heater is switched off when you are outside. Turn it on remotely and enjoy a hot shower when you return from the gym, or change settings when a chilly guest comes to visit. Hive Active Heating works with an application on your smartphone. It can adjust the temperature of your home wherever you are without ever wasting energy.

There will never be any need to heat up an empty house. For example, the thermostat is ideal if you need to heat a house in the mountains, maybe just for the weekend. It will allow you to find the desired temperature on arrival. efficiency and savings on the energy bill. The Hive system is installed and operationalized in about an hour thanks to the experience of ENI GAS AND LUCE engineers.

Active Heating

You can set up to 6-time slots to operate the heating and hot water in order to adapt them to your daily routine, easily adjusting them from the Hive app. The Hive thermostat works perfectly with the existing boiler and the already active energy provider. When the temperature inside the house falls below 7 ° C, Frost Protection turns on the heating to prevent the pipes from freezing. The Hive Active Heating thermostat kit is available with or without professional installation included. To guarantee correct installation. It is advisable to contact a competent and qualified professional.


Using the bicycle to go to work instead of the car or installing solar panels are just some of the actions that everyone can do to reduce their carbon footprint on a daily basis. There are more effective things than turning off the electronic devices or reducing the energy consumption for heating and cooling.

Heating and cooling make up 40-70% of the energy a home uses. The smart thermostat that can greatly reduce this consumption. The interesting thing about thermostats is that they pay for themselves in about a year. The intelligent thermostats offer remote access from devices such as the phone via an app.

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