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7 modern ideas for a open kitchen

If you are one of those who spend a lot of time in your kitchen and receive visits in this area of ​​the house. Surely you know how practical and functional open kitchen are. Nowadays, the American or integrated style is a trend. Since this  type of design is easily integrated into the interior decoration of the room. And that is why the kitchen has become the protagonist in the spaces of the room. be and in the perfect place where you can have talks inform, share a meal, cook in front of your friends.

When space allows you can add chairs around the kitchen table so you can consume your breakfasts quickly without having to organize the dining table. The open  kitchen bar becomes an auxiliary table.

Luminous to the maximum!

ideas for a open kitchen

Light is the key to visually expanding any space, in the kitchen it is no exception! In this photograph we see a clear and luminous proposal shared by us  Taller Still Architectural  for one of his residential projects in the city of Mermaid. A modern open kitchen that combines different materials and styles: micromanagement, brick and tile; wood, plastic, glass and metal.

The white and neutral colors are the protagonists. While the touch in intense tonality is provided by some decorative and functional elements. Such as cabinets. A open kitchen where the drawers and lower cabinets are responsible for keeping things in order. But also the shelves embedded in the wall, coated with micro cement and that accentuate the modern touch.

Two details that we should not overlook: the lamps on the bar and the benches, which bring personality and character to this bright open kitchen.

 A compact open kitchen

An ideal kitchen for apartments or studios! It only occupies one wall. It opens and closes, as needed. With a linear shape, it has everything you need: refrigerator, stove, oven, zinc, shelves. And even your own lighting! A modern Spanish design by the  interior architects  Mill-House .

Linear and vibrant!

best modern ideas for a open kitchen

At first glance, this kitchen may seem like it’s not small, but if you look closely at it, you’ll notice that the kitchen area is not as extensive as it seems. The kitchen is linear in design and occupies only one wall, which is a practical and ideal solution for small rooms. If you add color, much better! Remember that the open  kitchen does not have to be boring.

Eye: if you decide for a kitchen in vibrant tonalities, remember to look for the balance with neutral colors, either in the wall. Or ceiling, as well as they have achieved it, the experts of  Taller Estilo Arquitectura  in their Casa Santiago project. Extra detail: this kitchen looks wider than it seems because it has been added an  office,  eating area. In addition, with the door that leads to the  garden , the sense of spaciousness of space increases!

Various materials and with U shapes

Another design idea for open kitchens is U-shaped, as the expert designers of kitchens and bathrooms in Mexicali,  Torne Coquinas, show us. With this form all the elements of a kitchen can fit, including appliances and superior cabinets, leaving free space to the center.

Combines different materials and makes each of the spaces stand out. The doors and covers are made of  thermo foil, an insulating material, in gray and white, combined with Vera white glass doors. In addition, quartz has been used and the interior of the cabinets is a hydrophobic panel. A dynamic and modern kitchen! Do not you love it?

 Open, multifunctional and chic!

top open kitchen

If you like to combine different elements, different styles, but always keeping the modern line, then maybe this proposal  Lemon be  will inspire you. A open kitchen  to the dining room or the living room, the bar divides the space, and is at the same time multifunctional: breakfast room, storage area, work area and bar. The bar is an original idea, which we are sure you will love !: the wooden base and granite cover, whose striking and exclusive benches, complement it perfectly, providing a totally chic style!

If you look closely, in this kitchen, the storage area is not only in the built-in cabinets, but it has attached a small piece of furniture that also serves to place some appliances. A funny detail: the blackboard on the wall, ideal as a decorative element, but can also be used to write recipes or positive phrases that motivate the family. Without a doubt, a modern kitchen that adapts to any open space!

Everything fits in a jar knowing how to accommodate!

An excellent solution for a open kitchen in a closed and reduced room! The free zone is in the middle part. On the one hand, the kitchen and storage area; on the other, an  office  or breakfast room. The key material that gives the modern touch: the micro cement of gray color. The element that enlarges the space: one of the walls has been opened, covering it with glass, in such a way that it allows the passage of light, without the smells of the kitchen reaching the rest of the house. An excellent proposal from  Bayeltecnics.

Separate spaces creatively

the open kitchen

A glass screen is an alternative to separate rooms, since it divides but does not obstruct the passage of light. In the kitchen is not the exception. As we mentioned at the beginning, light, both natural and artificial, in open kitchens is essential to give the feeling of spaciousness. In addition, neutral colors, both on the walls, ceiling and floors.

Finally, Modern kitchen with a touch of color where red stands out in the furniture and takes advantage of the spaces above and the wall for storage. The bar includes a type of side table for four places.

The open kitchen are comfortable at the time of cooking, this type of furniture makes the most of the wall space for the cabinets and its distribution is excellent to have a fresh kitchen when preparing food.

When open kitchen are small, the best way to save space is to fit the refrigerator to the wall. In this way, you create the illusion that the kitchen is wide and you can move comfortably from one place to another.

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