Christmas dining room decorations

10 ideas to take advantage of the Christmas dining room decorations

1. Preparing the ground

If your house is going to be ‘taken’ by family members and guests, who you are willing to see you in the holidays, you need Christmas dining room decorations ideas to adapt the space for the visitors. Depending on the number, you have to prepare your dining room so they can move freely. Take out the furniture and objects that you are not going to use these days and keep them temporarily in a room that you do not use.

Christmas dining room decorations

2. Adapted to the moment

Even if you know the number of diners, have a gap ready for that person who has not confirmed, but is signed at the last moment. Organize your Christmas dining room decorations ideas for the table so that everyone is comfortable. Sit on one of the sides, preferably near the kitchen to make it more comfortable and do not have to disturb anyone when you have to get up for something. If you want to follow the protocol, keep in mind that the hosts can be placed well in the center, one in front of another, or in the headers, according to the system (French or English) that you choose.

Christmas dining room decorations

3. With room for all

If your table cannot accommodate all your guests, you will have to put two. The important thing is that they are at the same height and that you try that the union between both does not allow to pour glasses or to fall plates. Unify them with a patterned mantel and then place plain tablecloths of different colors, for example, to see where one ends and another begins. For your Christmas dining room decorations table, a rectangular and a round one can be use. It is ideal for children to eat with the elders, but maintaining a certain freedom. The auxiliary trolley is a very practical solution for these days.

Christmas dining room decorations

4. An auxiliary surface

To relieve the main table of trays, plates and containers, the ideal is to have a sideboard or a piece of furniture, where you can also place the candy ‘station’, imitating the style of weddings. Another good idea is to place, near the table to save unnecessary travel, a drink cart or an auxiliary with several shelves and do not forget the vertical space. Think that the shelves or shelves perfectly fulfill your task of furniture bar or ‘corner of sweets’.

Christmas dining room decorations

5. If your number of guests is high …

The number of ‘official’ chairs is not enough; quiet none of your visitors will have to eat on the kitchen stool. You can resort to the chairs of the garden and dress them with a cover, so that they do not clash, or bet directly on the mix, the ‘unpaired’ is a trend: the eclectic always has charm and adds a touch of style. Remember that behind each chair, should be about 80 cm free, so that each diner can leave comfortably, without disturbing anyone or make him lift.

Christmas dining room decorations

6. What if you share space with another room?

It is usually very common, especially with the living room or the kitchen. But as these are very different living spaces, the ideal is that they have their own limits. The simplest, in the case of being, is to place between them a piece of furniture, a dresser, or use the same sofa as a visual partition. You can also highlight with a vinyl or wallpaper one of the walls of one or another space, so that it has its own identity, or dress the dining room with a rug and the other environment with a totally different one or with the bare floor.

Christmas dining room decorations

7. Well lit, but warm

It’s about creating a homelike atmosphere, without losing a bit of ‘glamor’ along the way. To do this, place spotlights strategically located, which help create atmosphere and illuminate the shadows that can create the ceiling lamp or halogens. And do not forget to place a candle, both on the dining table and in a corner, as they help to design that magical and special climate. They are so appealing in these days of Christmas dining room decorations ideas celebration.

Christmas dining room decorations

8. The table ready and assembled

On these dates, they should be dressed up down, with the type of tablecloth you want, depending on the style of the decoration and the dishes, but always impeccable (keep in mind that there is not a stain) and perfectly ironed, even starched. By the way, if it is a large number of guests, the ideal thing is that each place has a card with the name of the guest, which avoids the typical question of where do I feel? Take advantage and put a twig, which gives a natural point ‘chic’.

Christmas dining room decorations

9. With enough room on the table

The plate or subplate of each diner should be placed at two 2 cm from the edge of the table and with a minimum space between guests of 40 cm (60 cm would be ideal). You must place them centered and oriented towards the person who will sit opposite. Remember, you should never put more than two flat plates together, the towers are not elegant.

Christmas dining room decorations

10. Holiday decoration

If it is Christmas that is noticed, but without exceeding: a center that does not obstruct the view of the guests, candles scattered around the table, flirty details to match the tableware, typical ornaments of this era … imagination, although contained, so that everyone can enjoy a perfect meal and always decorate according to the style you have chosen this year: natural, traditional, Nordic … A good idea is to customize each chair with a floral detail or a dry branch, especially if it is simple models or daily. Make it more comfortable Christmas dining room decorations ideas along with other stuff.

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