Loft conversion design ideas

Lofts are often difficult to design. They’re rarely square, and they have a variety of height restrictions and other nooks and crannies that need to be worked around. It is important to allow for the space needed for a staircase to appear from below. It is clear that layouts must be carefully considered to avoid wasting money.

  1. You can store items at the height of your space

Make the most out of the head space you have in your conversion loft. This could mean placing items at the highest point or building in storage as high as you can. For advice on Loft Conversions Exeter, go to

  1. Working with the bare structure

You can expose some of the roof structure when you build spaces in the roof. You can use a loft conversion to bring out the original beams in your period home. This will add warmth and charm.

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  1. Build a balcony when you have the chance

A balcony will increase the feeling of space in your loft conversion.  In loft conversions, it’s important to bring in as much natural light as possible and, if you can, provide views of the outside. Balcony designs are a great way to achieve both.

  1. Turn your loft into a multi-purpose space

It is worth considering how to design the layout of your loft conversion so that you can incorporate several activities. You might plan to use your loft conversion for a guest room when needed, but a home office the majority of time.

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  1. Vertical space is a great place to be creative

If you want your loft conversion project to succeed, it is important to consider not only the main rooms within the loft, but also the way that you will enter the new space.

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