How to paint a uPVC front door

Painting a uPVC front door can be a great way to give your home a fresh, new look.
Check weather conditions

First, check the forecast for the next favourable day. Choose a dry and mild day for painting your uPVC front door. Avoid painting in extreme temperatures or high humidity, as this can affect the drying time and the quality of the finish.

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Gather your materials together

Buy all the necessary materials, including mild detergent or uPVC cleaner, fine-grit sandpaper, uPVC primer, exterior-grade paint suitable for uPVC, paint brushes or rollers, tape, newspaper and any safety equipment.

Clean the door well and sand it down

Clean the door thoroughly with a mild detergent or uPVC cleaner and water. Remove any dirt, grease or grime using a sponge. Rinse the door with water and allow it to dry completely.

Lightly sand the surface of the door with sandpaper to create a slightly rough texture. Then wipe away the dust with a clean, damp cloth. Apply a coat of uPVC primer to the surface of the door using a brush or roller.

Paint the door when the primer is dry

Apply the paint evenly to the surface of the door. Work in smooth, overlapping strokes for complete coverage. Apply several thin coats rather than one thick coat for best results.

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Don’t forget to put the handles back on

Once the paint is fully dry, carefully reattach any hardware such as handles, locks, and hinges to the door.

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