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Ideas for decorating small gardens

Small gardens– These gardens can be set up in the cottages or familiarizes, or in the way from the door of the street to the entrance door. A path full of green in which we can place infinity of pots of a thousand colors or a host of plants of great green content.

If our space is even smaller, we can choose a vertical garden with elements as delicious as the stairs, large or small. Thanks to them we can place a large number of pots in a small space, thus creating our particular urban garden.

Actually the stairs in the decoration are a very used resource, and not only outdoors. We have already talked many times about the benefits of ladders to decorate  different spaces.

Vertical garden with staircase

decorating small gardens

The originality can contribute a lot to our small garden. In the following image you can see the solution that has been given to the base of this great tree. They have managed to create a star full of flowers taking advantage of a space that would be occupied by the shade of the tree.

In addition, they have added various decorative elements such as an old bicycle . The wheelbarrows are also very interesting for decorating gardens, as well as wooden barrels .

Flowerbed with flowers

The water fountains and stone roads are still part of our favorite solutions. With these resources we will be able to bring freshness to our patio. So they are a most recommended option.

There are a large number of options to create our own vertical garden . The stairs that we mentioned earlier are not the only alternative. Thus, we can look for decorative objects already created that anchor the pots to our wall. The following is an excellent example in which, in addition to using a large number of plants, the image of an authentic tree has been formed. The effect is more than interesting.

Finally, this great pyramid made of wood and pots. It can be done with the wood of the pallets or pallets. It is ideal to create our small garden. For all those who want to eat healthy and natural with their products from the garden.

Gardens in small spaces

the small gardens

Windows with pots. When space is limited you can use any corner, such as windows. The pots that are placed in the windows are ideal for planting herbs such as oregano, basil, chives and rosemary.

Herbs and vegetables need six to eight hours of light per day and land, so if you do not have land to plant in, you will need to acquire pots or planters and light soil so that the water drains well. This type of crops also need a lot of water, so at the time of planting them you must take into account the irrigation, either by placing them near a hose or acquiring a shower.

Varieties to cultivate

When choosing the varieties we want, we must choose the ones that take the least place. For example, if we are going to plant tomatoes we will choose cherry tomatoes and small varieties or ‘dwarfs’. In Total Home we have already seen how to plant tomatoes in pots, so I recommend that you read that post to be able to be informed in detail about the subject. If you prefer herbs you cannot help but see how to grow herbs and spices in your home.

Fresh and abundant vegetables

Harvest the green leaves once a week to stimulate growth and achieve a small garden always beautiful and abundant.

Surely these tips will help you take advantage of the space and have fresh herbs and vegetables all year round. If you have a garden at home, could you tell us how you take care of it?

The small gardens, problem?

discover small gardens

First of all, we must remove from our heads that small gardens are impossible. Quite the opposite and nothing is further from reality.

Small gardens can have many advantages, so to convince you there are some:

  • Easy maintenance: to be small we will not need gardening machinery for maintenance, the time you invest in it is less.
  • More economical: in theory they are cheaper because they need less furniture, less plants, etc. Of course, this is relative and depends on your tastes and pocket.
  • More welcoming: small gardens can become real refuges. Places with charm, cozy and with a lot of peace.

So no, small gardens are not a problem, they are a perfect occasion to create the garden of our dreams.


The plants and flowers embellish any corner of our home. We may not have much space, but fortunately the lack of space is no excuse for not having a small garden. If we follow some simple ideas to decorate small gardens,  we can turn a small space into a beautiful garden.

It does not matter if you live in a house with a small front or bottom, or an apartment with a balcony, the important thing is that you are determined to embellish it with flowers, plants and aromatic herbs, ideal to have always at hand when we cook some delicious homemade food. I love having my own herbs and vegetables, so I want to share with you some tips for growing herbs and vegetables in small spaces.

As you can see, decorating a small garden successfully is possible and is not at all complicated. Just a little curiosity, creativity and these fantastic ideas.

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