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The vertical garden made with wooden pallets

It is not the first time that we talk about vertical garden ; And it is a great option when we do not have too much space to place plants, either outdoors or indoors. Now, in addition to being interested in vertical garden, we are going to show you how beautiful they can be made with pallets or wooden pallets .

While it is nothing new, DIY with pallets are fashionable; and it does not surprise us. It is a very versatile material that can be used for all types of furniture, now also for vertical garden.

Planters on pallets

The vertical garden

A laborious but really nice option is to take pallets and place wooden planters in the front. These planters can be purchased ready-made, if we find them and adjust to the measurements, or else make them with more pallets. The second option allows us to have continuity in the design, because we use the same wood and therefore decoratively works better.

Take advantage of the holes in the pallet

As we know, the pallets have certain gaps. These are ideal for placing pots inside. The result, as we can see, is much more striking than the previous option, because you avoid placing pots and it seems that the plants arise naturally through the wood. Now, to water them, it may be a bit uncomfortable. Although you can always place a drip irrigation system at home.

Colored pots

Do you like small pots, those traditional clay pots of all colors, and you do not want to give them up? No problem. You can also anchor them to the surface of the pallet creating a nice mosaic of flowers that you can place both outside and inside the house. In addition, some models can incorporate wheels in the lower part of the structure, so moving them will not be a problem for anyone. If you prefer, you can also leave it leaning against a wall.

Growing aromatic plants for our consumption is an excellent A good aromatic garden

vertical garden made with wooden pallets

option. You will not need to buy more oregano, parsley or laurel. Now you can have your own edible plants at home. You can use pallets for this DIY. Follow the previous system to plant your aromatic plants in the hollow of them, but this time, to differentiate them well, you can paint the outside with slate paint and identify them with chalk to each one. Slate paint is not much more expensive than others. With that and a few chalks you will have an aromatic vertical garden of the most fun.

Move your pallets everywhere

Yes, a system of wheels can be incorporated in the lower part. As we can see in this example, we choose to create a kind of easel with pots in the center. The wheels serve to move it from one place to another in the garden. Now, if there are pending in your field, better put wheels with brake system, which will always be a bit safer.

How to make a vertical garden with a pallet?

top vertical garden

If you like gardening and want to be eco-friendly , having positive attitudes that help preserve the environment and a more ecological world, we present you how to recycle a packing pallet turning it into a beautiful vertical garden for home.

The process is very simple and just requires tools, just to choose the right plants, and you will get a doubly ecological element, half vertical garden, half recycled pallet.

Materials for our vertical garden

discover vertical garden

  • A pallet.
  • Plastic gardening canvas Sandpaper.
  • Fastening
  • Prepared land
  • Plants

We prepare the wooden pallet

The first thing we will do is prepare the pallet to work with him. The majority of pallets that we can obtain will be somewhat damaged or heavily used. It is time to use the sandpaper to remove the chips, and thus be able to work with the pallet more calmly and without damaging ourselves. Also, if there is a dangerous nail, we will try to eliminate it at this point, because when the pallet is covered with plants, we can lose the reference of that outgoing lace, and any day we are going to water …

We cover the pallet with plastic gardening canvas.

The ideal is to cover with the canvas the back side of the pallet (the one that we will not show) and three sides. We can cover them all, but the superior is optional, since we can use it as an embouchure for irrigation. It is important to finish the corners well with the stapler, as it is the most critical point. We can choose two or more layers of canvas, for greater security.

Start sowing our vertical garden.

We will begin with the placement of plants at the same time that we pour the earth, and we will do it from the bottom to the top. It is important to carry out this step with the pallet fully supported on the ground, so that the ground can settle correctly. The location of the plants will be made as close as possible. A tip: we can choose to place some hanging plants in the upper openings of the pallets, partially covering the lower floors.

We will add more soil when necessary, with the objective that the plants remain firm and there is no risk of them being easily detached from the pallet.

Water our vertical eco-garden and wait!

We will reuse our vertical garden for one or two weeks assiduously, but without changing its position, that is to say, we continue leaving it in a horizontal position. After about two weeks, when we see that the plants have already settled, we can move to vertical position, although it is always good to leave a small inclination to prevent the water from detaching some plants …

Well, that’s all we have to do to recycle a wooden pallet and turn it into an ecological outdoor furniture. Now it is up to you to personalize it with native plants from your area, or even by painting the pallet before planting.

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