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The importance of plants in home decoration

Plants in home-The plants are key elements when decorating the house , as they add life, joy and freshness to the environment. They offer numerous beneficial for the health: they improve the qualityof the air reason why they are recommendable for people with problems of allergies. They help lift the mood and create a relaxing atmosphere necessary to be able to disconnect and rest. Precisely today we will see an example of the good use of plants in home decoration.

In the new post of the Instagram Houses section, we visited the home of Nicole and Roman and their little daughter Billy, located in Tilburg, in the south of the Netherlands. This charming house, which is located in a new building of 3 floors high with several terraces, has been decorated and distributed by the family to suit their needs and tastes.

Plants in home decoration: a lifestyle

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Nicole is a lover of interior design and has managed to transform her new family home into an interior garden . For her, the plants in the decoration of the home are the fundamental element with which to fill with color, nature and life every corner and space of her home.

In the Netherlands there is a long tradition and love for the cultivation of plants and this conviction is so widespread that besides being decorative elements, they contribute to purify the interior environment of the houses. And there is a list of plants for the bedroom that help you rest better.

Decorate the house to your liking

Little by little they have been adapting the house to their tastes combining antique furniture with some industrial style always with wood, natural colors and plants as articulators of the decoration. This natural material is present in the utensils, planters and decorative elements of the house, providing warmth and naturalness.

A traditional table to eat

The dining room combines old chairs restored by Nicole with more modern pieces, all around a table made to measure by a traditional carpenter. The wicker elements and plants suspended from the ceiling give a rustic and warm touch typical of traditional kitchens. The floor of wooden slats confers a warm and natural aroma to the whole of the house.

The beauty of the old

One of the passions of Nicole is to go through rakes and antique shops in search of old and traditional objects with which to decorate her home. A stool, a staircase and a showcase rescued from a past life, serve as the stage for a collection of ancient objects full of history and poetry. Of course, always surrounded by a breath of life and nature that plants give. The atmosphere of the house is impregnated by the history of each one of the objects that decorate it.

The choice of suitable plants for interiors

You can use the plants in the decoration of the home in any corner of it, you just have to be careful to choose the right species for each location. There are some that require special care such as beautiful orchids, but there are others that survive with minimal care such as focus, succulents, cacti , or as the money plant or jade tree. Also, keep in mind that there are plants that help eliminate moisture at home.

Light and watering

They are the main conditions for plants to have good health inside a home. In principle all plants need some kind of light to perform photosynthesis; it can be directly or indirectly. As an orientation species with long leaves and a dark green color, such as ferns, need little light. Irrigation must be regular and in its proper measure. A good reference is to touch the earth to check the humidity of them.

The container

It is another fundamental element for the health of the indoor plants that can also be a special element in the decoration of the room. Indoors, it is preferable to use clay pots but if you want to use enamel, metal or synthetic you should keep the plant in your plastic pot and introduce the set in the decorative pot.

Keep them always beautiful

So that the plants in the decoration of the home have all the prominence that they deserve and shine with their entire splendor, it is necessary that their leaves remain clean and bright with their colors. To remove dust and dirt from the leaves, a damp cloth with a few drops of glycerin can be used.

Original ideas to decorate interiors with plants

The plants give joy to all the rooms of the home. The best of all is that with them, we can create very cozy corners in a thousand different ways. We give you some ideas that can come in handy if you want to bet on decorating your interiors with plants.

Hanging from the ceiling, on shelves or simply in pots. Anyway, your plants will always give life to the rooms in which you place them. Take note and see if any of these proposals is what you were looking for.

Flowerpots hanging from the ceiling

Why not? It is a different and original way to place our pots at home, without any doubt. For this we just have to hold the pots with a rope and anchor it well to the ceiling. Keep in mind that the more pots you hang, the more resistant the string you use will have to be. As for the place to put this collage of flowers , if you like the color, you can choose a corner in your living room or place them in a corridor with light; and it is that he remembers that the plants need natural light to live.

Green ledges on your staircase

Do you have a ladder at home and you want to decorate it in a different way? Some people hang pictures , a resource that we also love; others prefer family photos. The truth is that decorating the stairs with plants is also a good option. You can place a shelf and put your plants on top, to accompany you every time you go up and down the stairs.

Orchids to give color to your life

We love orchids. A very interesting way to fill your house with color and elegance at the same time, without a doubt. You can place a group of these flowers in a large wicker basket and rest it on the ground next to a door. However, we cannot forget the more traditional way of using these beautiful decorative flowers, placing them on a shelf next to a window.

Grates for hanging plants

Are you looking for another idea to hang your plants? The bars can serve you. Yes, as you read. You can see it in the following images. They are ideal for hooking, by means of brides or other systems, your pots in them. A different way that will be very good in any room, and that also can serve us, among others, to make a small aromatic corner with plants that we can use later to cook. Best of all, this option is also ideal for outdoor.

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