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How to decorate your first apartment without spending a lot of money

Your first apartment, I’m sure you’re as excited as you are scared. Embarking on a new project like that, of course, is for the brave. However, in addition to marrying a bank , a house is a place for you, to create and build. Surely you want to start little by little, do not worry, you can do it. But surely you must be wondering how to decorate your first apartment without spending a lot of money … Is it possible?

If possible. Try to focus and follow these tips, you will see that it is not so complicated and that it is perfectly possible to decorate with little money and get good results.

Where to invest?

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It is possible that your first apartment is not new work itself. The first thing to take into account in second-hand housing is to corroborate the state of the kitchen and bathrooms. If they are in perfect condition it is a great advance, because you will not have to reform them. Otherwise, you may have to focus on this first. Still, you could try to do it in a more economical way, with one of the many reforms of bathrooms without works that exist.

For example, did you know that there are special paints for tiles? That’s right; you can paint your bathroom making it look completely different. Another option is vinyl wallpapers. And if the floor is in poor condition, for example, there are laminate floors that can be easily installed without removing the existing pavement.

Wallpaper for bathrooms

There are also options for renovating kitchens without works. For example, you can get to give kitchen fronts a new look by painting them. Maybe some paint to the walls or some easy-to-install coating is the solution to not having to spend money on renovations.

Now, if the state of the kitchen and bathrooms leaves a lot to be desired, and especially if the house has many years, maybe the best thing is to hire a reform company, because a kitchen or bathroom in poor condition can bring us constant problems.

A recommendation to save on your reform is to have several budgets, this way you can compare them and stay with the one that best suits your pocket. But how to get several budgets? You just have to complete this form, indicate what you want and where you want it and you will receive up to 4 quotes from professionals in your area.

The importance of painting

Although we do not believe it, painting is something very important in a house. You will not only disinfect the walls. Painting is a very economic resource, especially if you choose to paint them yourself, which makes any room look completely different. In this case we suggest you take a look at this article where we talk about how to paint a house. Do you want more ideas on how to decorate your first apartment? Keep reading!

As for the colors, always bet on white or light tones in case you want to give light. You can add a note of color by reserving the strongest tone for a single wall, or even put wallpaper, which is very fashionable. Grays and terracotta are in fashion; do not lose sight of them.

Restore old furniture

You may buy the house with everything inside. Maybe the furniture will horrify you, but look good. From an old piece you can get something beautiful. Restoring furniture can be the key. Again the painting saves us here. Take that old dresser or that closet that looks like another era and give it a touch of color, it could become the key piece of your bedroom or your living room

Decorate the walls

In addition to painting, another very economical resource is to bet on decorative sheets. A nice sheet will make that insipid wall become a nice corner. You could even create a beautiful composition with decorative pictures or your own photos, giving a completely personal touch to your new home.

How to decorate your first apartment: the power of plants

The houseplants are a great help. If you have opted for white walls, the plants will contrast a lot with them. Also, if you do not have too many pieces of furniture, but they are made of wood, you will also achieve a balance of the most natural in any room of the house.

Textile to decorate with little money

The textile is economical and always works. We are not referring only to bedroom textiles. On an old sofa, for example, you can add a new cover and cushions to make it look like another. They are not as expensive as buying a new sofa and you get a different effect instantly.

The ground as a priority

If the walls were key, the floor is also key. If we have to invest in something, let it be in this. The floor of the whole house will change the overall appearance of the house. In addition, there are quite economic solutions. You could bet on laminate or vinyl floors, which are not the same as parquet, we should not confuse, there are differences between laminate flooring or floating flooring that you should know about.

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