How to get hair dye off bathtub?

When it comes to hair dye, I’ve been there, done that. It’s not the easiest thing to get off your body and it can be even more difficult if you’re trying to remove it from a bathtub or shower. The good news is that there are several methods for removing hair dye stains from your tubs. I’ve tried all of them myself, so here are my top tips!

How to get hair dye off bathtub?

You may be careful, but dye is hard to get out of things. If you’re a fan of hair dye or if you want to use it for the first time, here are some tips about how to remove hair dye from bathtubs.

If you don’t clean up immediately after using the product and letting it sit for several hours, then all that work will have been for nothing. You’ll end up needing more elbow grease than if you had cleaned it right away.

The best way to avoid damaging your tub is by scrubbing with a rag instead of using your hands directly on the surface. This way there is less pressure applied directly onto the porcelain tub and risk getting scratches in its finish or chipping off pieces of paint/gloss coating on top surface layer (if any).

Let it soak in

Now that the water is running, it is time to let the dye sit in your bathtub for a few minutes. This will allow the stain to soak into the tub and loosen it so you can remove it with ease. When you first notice that there are no more red stains on your bathtub and you’ve been sitting in there for a few minutes (about 10-15), use a scrub brush while still letting the dye soak in..

Use Magic Eraser

If you want to remove hair dye from your bathtub, Magic Eraser is a great tool for the job. This versatile cleaning tool can be used to clean just about any surface in your bathroom.

Magic Eraser will remove almost any kind of stain from your bathtub with little effort. You can use it to erase water stains, soap scum and grime from hard surfaces like tile or glass shower doors. It’s perfect for removing stubborn stains like rust or lime buildup on tubs made from porcelain enamel because this material is very porous and absorbs most soaps easily, making them difficult to remove with standard household cleaners (like bleach).

Use gentle soap

The first thing you should do is thoroughly clean the tub with gentle soap and water. You don’t have to use a lot of strength when scrubbing it. You just need to get into all the nooks and crannies. If you’re worried about damaging the finish on your tub, you can save yourself some time by using an abrasive sponge instead of a bristle brush.

When you’ve finished cleaning off all of the hair dye residues, then rinse off any remaining soap with warm water. A bucket filled with warm water will work perfectly for this purpose. Just pour it into your bathtub until it reaches your desired level, add some more hot water if necessary, then let yourself soak in there while everything gets washed away from your body’s surface area (and from any nearby walls). Once done soaking, stand up and dry off as best as possible before getting dressed again. There’s no need for body oils or moisturizers at this point since their application would simply prevent any further removal efforts from working properly!

Try hydrogen peroxide

Next, try using hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a common ingredient in many products that help clean and whiten hair. It’s also a useful cleaning agent for removing dye from your bathtub.

To use hydrogen peroxide to clean the dye off of your tub, mix it with water at a ratio of 1:3 (one part hydrogen peroxide to three parts water). Apply the mixture to the stained area of your tub with a sponge or cloth and let it sit for 5 minutes before rinsing it away with warm water.

Peroxide and baking soda

In order to remove hair dye from a bathtub, you’ll want to mix up some baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. The combination of the two ingredients will help break down any stains left behind by the dye.

The first step is to pour out about 2 tablespoons of baking soda in the stained area, then add about 20 drops of hydrogen peroxide for every tablespoon of baking soda that you’ve used.

Next, leave the mixture untouched for about five minutes so it can work its magic. Then use a brush or old toothbrush (something soft) to scrub the stain away until it’s no longer visible. This may take some time depending on how big your stain is! Don’t forget those hard-to-reach areas near faucets or shower heads! Once all traces are gone, rinse with warm water until there’s no more foam left behind on your tub wall at all.


The best way to get hair dye off bathtub is by using baking soda. If you don’t want to spend money on a professional cleaner, then try using some common household items such as vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice. They’re all effective in removing stains from bathtubs and other surfaces.

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