Is Underfloor Heating a Good Way to Heat the Bathroom?

If you want to keep the bathroom warm, there are many ways of doing this. If you are not wanting to use traditional central heating but obviously need the bathroom to be a warm room, then something that can really work well is underfloor heating.

As well as being a good way of heating the room, the reason why underfloor heating is particularly popular in a bathroom is the fact that it keeps the floor warm – so when you step out of the bath or the shower, there is no standing onto a chilly floor!

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Underfloor heating can in fact be used in most rooms in the home, but of course is most commonly used in a bathroom. It is possible to have an underfloor heating system put into your home, that can be controlled in various areas of the house – so if you wanted it in several rooms, you can choose in which rooms you can turn it on and in which rooms it is off, which makes it good for saving energy as you are not heating rooms that you are not using.

There are also two types of underfloor heating – wet and dry (wet is water powered and dry is electric powered). Unless your bathroom is large, electric underfloor heating is likely to be the better option, as this requires less space than water powered heating, as wet heating requires lots of pipes to be installed. You do also need to take into account the type of floor covering you have – carpets for example are not ideal for use with underfloor heating, and this is another reason why you might not want underfloor heating in every room of the house.

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Electric underfloor heating is also easier (and therefore cheaper) to install – however, it is best to get someone who knows what they are doing to install underfloor heating, like this underfloor heating Gloucestershire based company

Another reason why electric underfloor heating is something that many more people are starting to use is the fact that it works well with an air source heat pump, something that more and more homes are now being built with as an alternative to gas boiler powered heating.

If what you are looking for is a good way to heat a bathroom and evade those chilly floors in the winter, then underfloor heating could certainly be the perfect option for you.

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