How to decor wall

How to decor wall and add personality to your home

When you decorate a house, you have to think about a lot of things. What if the essential furniture, what if the floor, what if you choose the color of the walls … And when you finally finish, you realize that now it’s up to give personality to the decoration. If you think about it, it costs you a lot, and there’s almost no budget left … No problem! Because that’s what we are here for: here you have a lot of low costs, easy and super stylish proposals so you can follow the ideas on how to decor wall and add personality.

How to decor wall and add personality

How to decor wall

No longer fill your house with psychedelic prints as in the 80s or imitate the relief of the gotelé models of the 90. Now the wallpaper offers unique experiences, and the good thing is that you do not have to “marry” with any design and with a single roll you can do virginity.

In this hall, for example, a single strip of the wall has been papered about 150 cm high. Its height is the width of the roll, which measures 53 cm. The chosen design is perfect for an entrance but also for a children’s bedroom. It’s from Graham & Brown, and you can customize it to your liking with photos, notes, postcards … Everything that makes you feel good and you want to remember.

And regarding design, the Nordic air geometric motifs are an upward trend, although flowers have never stopped being fashionable. And the most tropical nature treads hard for the summer. Surely you find some design that screams for you, take me to your house!

Use vinyl

use vinyl on wall

And not only those who spin around on record players. Vinyl in the form of large drawings or small stickers is one of the fastest and most economical ways to turn a soda wall into a wall. Wow! If you still do not see it on most vinyl websites, like Myvinilo, you have simulators that allow you to see the same vinyl on different colored walls and even change the color of the design.

And do not think you need an XXL size wall. It’s true that behind the sofa or the headboard a slightly larger vinyl has a lot of impacts, but you can also choose a “little piece” of the wall for a vinyl of a famous phrase or an inspiring quote. And, of course, design your custom good roll phrase — that who more who less has a poet inside. This Dawanda design, for example, can be customized with your favorite color.

And, of course, vinyl is a fertile ground for the rooms of the smallest of the house. That’s where, in recent seasons, vinyl proposals have multiplied like mushrooms. Phrases, small geometric motifs all over the wall, classic drawings … Everything goes, and everything adds up so that the walls help them to live a thousand and one adventures in their domains.

Don’t shake your hand during paint wall

paint wall

It is not about you putting yourself to paint a mural yourself, but you do commission a professional or an artist to design your dreams. It is fashionable for your favorite illustrator to make a custom drawing. Yes, it’s more expensive, but you make sure that no one else will have an equal wall in the world. And that can not be said by anyone. So if you have a game of unforeseen contingencies to spend, this is the best chance.

In this headboard, the project by the decorator Meritxell Ribé from The Room Studio, a unique illustration of the artist Joana Santamans recreates the sea floor. In XXL format it is spectacular to look at it in front with its big blue whale surrounded by little fish in blue tones. It is a work worthy of a museum.

Never missed online offers

online wall decor

Vinyl for all tastes. In Facebook, you find many models, and you can even personalize your message, color, and design. For the kids … lots of fun. In Hommu they have cool designs, nothing fancy. In Chispum too, as well as colored papers and blackboards.

If you have come here wanting to see more ideas to customize the walls of your home, do not miss the gallery. Oh, what are you left wanting more ideas? Well, do not miss these solutions to say goodbye to the blank walls in the living room and to take advantage of the walls to add order.

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