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6 house decorating tips to decorate your house for the first time

Do you have a new house? Did you just move? A challenge as exciting as it is fun is presented to you: to convert that new space (whether it is or not, it is new to you) in your home. But how do you get it if you do not know anything about decoration? Here are some very useful tips that will come from pearls. Read them, think about them and put them into practice. With these useful house decorating tips it is not so difficult to decorate your house for the first time.

Decorating your house for the first time is a rewarding and complex experience in equal parts. Especially if you are one of those who have no experience in decoration. If you do not understand much about combining colors or choosing materials and if you do not know what is the trend and what is not in the wide and rich world of interior design.

However, you are the only one who can make your home the place you have always dreamed of living. A unique space, designed by and for you, in which you can feel totally at ease and show yourself as you are. To help you in the task and to make you enjoy it to the fullest, here are some very practical tips with which you can decorate your house in your own style.

In below, some of the useful house decorating tips for you:

house decorating tips

1. Decorate your house for the first time: think about what you need

It’s not worth it if you set out to buy things without rhyme or reason to fill the space. In the store you like it, but when you get home you may realize that you have bought things that you do not need and that achieving balance with everything you have brought is going to become an impossible mission.

That’s why it’s best to take it easy and start living in the new house before ordering the furniture. We already know that it is uncomfortable not to have a sofa and to live surrounded by boxes, but it is much worse to spend a lot of money decorating your spaces and then realizing that they do not satisfy you at all.

Stop and think about the things you want to decorate your home for the first time. Find those furniture and appliances that are most necessary and reflect on the things you miss. You can also go for the things you need and the things you would like to have. Think about your tastes and hobbies, if they condition your lifestyle and in what way. It will be the best way to get the house you dream of.

house decorating tips

2. Functionality and aesthetics in equal parts

We all know what we like and what we do not, and when choosing furniture for our house we sometimes find ourselves at a crossroads. What is more important? Deciding on that couch that has fallen in love with us even though it may not seem the most comfortable in the world? Or will it be better to choose a less beautiful model but much more comfortable?

Well, although it is difficult, it is better not to get carried away by the arrows and reflections when decorating your house for the first time. Functionality has to be a priority in our house because feeling comfortable will make our life easier. Better still looking for a sofa where you can sit very comfortably.

house decorating tips

3. Keys to choose the colors

That color is a fundamental decoration tool is no secret, so choosing the color palette with which we will decorate the house is one of the key tasks. If you are not sure how to combine colors, or how to use them in decoration, it is best to act with caution.

Choose neutral colors for the walls, light and bright tones with which it is difficult to make mistakes, and if you want some more powerful and intense effect, apply it with restraint. Paint for example one of the walls of the room in a darker color, but only one. Leave the color strokes for add-ons, much easier to replace if you get saturated with them.

The warm and energetic tones work best in the living room, in the hall and in the living areas. For the bedrooms choose calm and relaxing colors.

house decorating tips

4. The living room, the starting point

When you consider decorating your house for the first time, these house decorating tips will help you to start in the living room. It is the most important stay in the house, surely in which you will spend more time, the place where you will enjoy leisure and rest, where you will meet with your family or your friends.

Think of the essential pieces that cannot be missing, such as the sofa or the main piece of furniture, and focus on choosing them wisely. Then come the turn of the auxiliary furniture, textiles, accessories, etc.


5. Beware of filling everything with furniture

To decorate the house for the first time it is necessary to go little by little. Do not ask yourself to buy things that later you will not know how to fit or how to make them all work together in a room that you thought was bigger than it really is.

Buy the most important pieces and always have the meter at hand to measure space and not make mistakes. Then add pieces little by little, but without motley. The relaxed atmospheres are more welcoming. Distribute the furniture well and try to leave enough space between them.

house decorating tips

6. Plan lighting

It is one of the key house decorating tips for the decoration of a space. Poor lighting can ruin any environment, so make sure you give it the right light. The ceiling lamps and the wall lights will give you a general light, while the spotlight of floor and table lamps will help you to highlight certain corners and will bring warmth to the rooms.

And always power natural light, a real treasure. Do not cover the windows with thick draperies, better opt for light curtains. Or place mirrors that reflect the light of the windows.

If you follow these tips soon you will realize that your house is taking the form you want and with which you feel happier.

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