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The garage not only serves to store our vehicles, if you make the most of the space it can become your favorite stay in the house a garage idea.Therefore, we want to give you some simple ideas on how to decorate a garage idea.

We all know that the garage is a room in the house that we have quite abandoned. It is usually the room in which everything that we do not need or that we feel sorry for throwing ends. In the end the garage can be converted into a storage room. Full of unnecessary things that make us have to juggle to park.

If we take advantage of all the possibilities that this space can give us. It can become your preferred site. If you decorate it well. You can have a new place to rest, where to do crafts with your children. Where you can have a beer with your friends or where you can practice your handyman skills. We want you to take advantage of all the corners of your house. That’s why we’re going to teach you how to decorate a garage idea. So you can discover that with a good organization and a lot of ingenuity. You can have a completely new stay .

How to decorate a garage idea: general cleaning

decorate a garage idea

As we mentioned before, the garage usually becomes a second storage room. If you want the place where you keep the car or the motorcycle. It becomes something new, you have to start to get rid of what does not work for you. We must know how to do without what we really do not need. When you have cleared your garage. You will realize the great space that you were wasting.

Decorate a garage painting

best decorate a garage idea

Another thing that you have to take into account when you consider how to decorate a garage idea, has a lot to do with painting. Both because of the color and because of the type of paint that we are going to use.

The garages are usually very dark places, but everything has its logic. On the one hand, we advise you to use light colors. In order to enhance the amplitude and luminosity. Since these spaces tend to be quite dark. But if we choose this range of colors, we have to take into account that they will be much more suffered. And that they will get dirty very easily. You can choose to paint the ceiling and half of the wall lighter tones compared to the floor, to balance. If you do not want to give many laps. We recommend the gray as a very good option. Regardless of the color you choose, what we do advise is that you use specialized paints. There are paints on the market that prevent premature wear and scratches that can cause the entry and exit of vehicles.

Take advantage of space

the decorate a garage idea

In garages is where we usually store tools, garden tools, children’s bicycles, etc. On the walls you can create structures that allow you to hang all those objects, in order to leave everything clear. You can use shelves and shelves for storage. You also have the option of putting hooks and perforated panels on the walls for the tools. There are different sizes and shapes that allow you to hang all kinds of objects. This solution not only serves to increase space, but also allows us to improve accessibility to the work utensils, increasing the performance of the work of DIY. Or gardening that you are going to make. Remember that if you are going to perform activities that generate a lot of noise, you should consider adding some type of acoustic insulation to your garage; it is better to have the neighbors happy.

Put your imagination at stake

discover decorate a garage idea.

We can give you a lot of advice on how to decorate a garage idea. In topics such as space management or colors that can work best. But in the end you must create the room that you want.

There are infinite possibilities. If you are a lover of cinema and series, you can take advantage of this stay to create your own screening room. You can place a projector and a good screen on one of the walls, along with the most comfortable armchair you have at home. With your own home cinema and a bowl of popcorn, you can create your own home theater .

Another idea on how to decorate a garage idea, is to create your own bar at home . With good cooling and your own bar, you can be the king of parties. Place a stereo to listen to your favorite songs. If you want to be a holiday professional. You can buy colored lights and light bulbs, and you will have your own disco. If you dare to put on the ceiling the typical disco ball of the 60s, you will put the icing on the cake.

Following the musical thread, the garage is a key site for the beginnings of many bands or musical groups. It has always been the ideal place for its location.Since it is where the rest of the house is least disturbed. You can turn your garage into a music museum : hang your vinyl records, guitars or even the t-shirts of your favorite concerts. If you are going to play with your friends or you are one of those who like to listen to music with a lot of volume, do not forget to soundproof. It is a fast process and that can avoid many discussions.

We hope you enjoyed our tips on how to decorate a garage idea. We love to give you the best ideas to unleash your imagination and your creativity.  Do you want to change your kitchen and do not know how? Go to our blog, and you can also see the types of kitchens and the different ideas to decorate it.

Decorate your garage idea, play sports, listen to your favorite song, go to the cinema … in short … enjoy your time! In Walkaway we want that the cleaning of your home is not an impediment so that you dedicate yourself in your free time to do what you like the most. That’s why we offer you  home cleaning that you can book in less than 60 seconds.

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