Garden furniture cleaning tips

How to clean garden furniture to make it last longer

Fiber, wood, resin, or plastic. Whatever your garden furniture is like, we give you the best tips to make it look like the first day. With these tips, they will last longer and will always be perfect

Made of wood, iron, fibers, resin… Almost all garden furniture is cleaned with soap and water, but specific treatments must be applied to make it last much longer and always in perfect magazine condition.

Salt Water For The Fibers

Clean garden furniture

The advantage of furniture made of bamboo, rattan, and other vegetable fibers is that they are light and resistant, but they tend to collect dust in the braiding and joints. To remove it, use a vacuum cleaner (a cordless handheld one will be more comfortable) or a soft brush with long bristles. To clean the furniture, use a sponge moistened in a solution of salt water and dry with a lint-free cloth. Finally, apply a layer of clear varnish for exteriors to those that are outdoors: it will protect them from the sun, rain, and temperature changes.

Glue The Joints

Joints are the weak point of natural fiber furniture. Although they are usually reinforced, they loosen with use and the passage of time. It is time to check them: if they are loose, glue them with wood glue before they break. And, whenever you can, keep the furniture under cover.

Renew Your Furniture With Spray

When the fiber has lost color or is very deteriorated, it is best to paint the furniture with an aerosol, which penetrates better into the fabric. Use a natural stain such as walnut (if they are not varnished), a varnish a shade darker than the fiber to hide flaws or colored paint. For an even finish, apply in short bursts, and at the distance indicated on the package.

How To Clean Resin Furniture

Synthetic fibers that mimic rattan, bamboo, or wicker are durable and weather resistant. In addition, they are very easy to maintain because they are made from plastics and resins that can be washed with soap and water. They even resist salt water and chlorine, the only precaution to be taken is to dry them well with a cloth to prevent the water from leaving marks when it evaporates. Over time, the resin or synthetic fibers end up losing their natural shine and although there are specific products to recover it, it is best to try not to deteriorate it with excess sun. At the end of summer, cover the furniture or protect it from the elements.

Remove Stains From Resin Furniture With Vinegar

When the synthetic fiber furniture is new, the stains are easy to remove simply with soap, but when it is older, the surface deteriorates, the stains penetrate the fiber and it is more difficult to remove them. If they are dark, clean them with rubbing alcohol or a little hot white vinegar. If they persist, mix the vinegar with baking soda and rub gently.

How To Clean White (Or Other Colored) Plastic Garden Furniture

The best option to clean PVC garden furniture is to use Marseille soap or black soap. Dilute the soap in hot water and add a little cleaning vinegar. Soap the furniture with a sponge so that the plastic is not scratched and is clear. If the furniture is very dirty, you can use pure black soap. For persistent dirt, add a handful of baking soda to the water for every liter.

Protect Wooden Furniture With Oil Twice A Year

Twice a year apply extra protection to wooden furniture with teak oil, linseed oil, or laser. Choose the one that best suits your furniture – there are colorless ones and others that darken the wood – and spread it out by rubbing it with a cotton pad. In addition to renovating the furniture, you will protect it against fungi and insects. Do not apply the oil in full sun, as it can be sticky, work in a ventilated space, and do not use the furniture for the next 48 hours.

Use Soap To Clean Wooden Furniture

The woods that are most used for outdoor furniture are the exotic ones, such as teak or iroko. They are very resistant and have a natural resin that protects them against the effects of the sun and rain. To keep wooden furniture in perfect condition, simply dust it off with a cloth and clean it from time to time with a sponge and a little neutral soap. If when cleaning them you discover that they have any stains, rub the wood with a soft brush to remove it. And if they have roughness, pass fine sandpaper to even the surface. Folding wooden furniture has metal hinges that should be protected from moisture with a thin layer of Vaseline. This will prevent them from rusting.

Are They Discolored? Paint Them

Wooden furniture discolors and acquires a grayish patina. If you don’t like that look or want to give them a new look, you can paint them. First, equalize the surface with very fine sandpaper. Remove the dust with a damp cloth and when they are completely dry, paint them with exterior paint. Titan lux has ecological synthetic enamels in more than 25 colors.


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