An Expert Guide To Choosing Outdoor Furniture

It is essential to understand your needs. Different homes and lifestyles require outdoor furniture. First, analyze the space you have to fill and decide if you want to compliment or contrast your home. Oxley’s managing director Simon Hudson offers these tips. Once you have figured out these factors, you are ready to begin looking for outdoor furniture! Listed below are some tips on selecting the right outdoor furniture for you.

Analysing your needs before buying outdoor furniture

Before you buy outdoor furniture, it’s vital to measure your patio and consider the available space. If you’re planning to use the space for entertaining, consider its shape and traffic flow. If your space is shaped oddly, you might consider buying a smaller dining set or bistro table with barstools. A smaller dining set can be just as comfortable and accommodate the same number of people. Consider rearranging it to accommodate different occasions, such as dinner parties, as well.

In addition to size and comfort, consider the material of your outdoor furniture. Untreated woods and plastic can become splintering in extreme heat and cold, while untreated metal will rust if exposed to salt air. Natural wicker is also susceptible to moisture and may fade over time. Lightweight materials, such as aluminum and acrylic, may be unsteady when exposed to harsh sunlight and high winds. Fabrics may also fade quickly in the sun, so consider what type of fabric is suitable for your outdoor space.

Materials used in outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture tends to be made from one of three main materials: wood, synthetics, and metal. The materials you select will depend on your preferences and lifestyle. Some materials require more care and mobility than others, and you may want to opt for a material that will age gracefully with time.Weigh your options carefully and choose the best outdoor furniture for your home. Ultimately, you’ll be pleased with your purchase.

Several materials are popular for outdoor furniture, such as rattan, bamboo, and synthetic resin. Natural wicker, for example, fades over time when exposed to sunlight, so it’s best used indoors. Synthetic resin wicker, however, can withstand the rigors of outdoor conditions, and is much more durable than rattan. Synthetic resin is also lighter, and is made of nylon or polyethylene. For strength, HDPE is higher in density than PVC.

Size of the space

Before choosing outdoor furniture, consider the size of the space you have available. This will help you decide where to place the pieces. Make sure that there is adequate room around each piece to allow for traffic flow. Additionally, consider how you will use the space to group furniture in different areas of the patio. Aside from the size of the space, consider the type of furniture you want to buy, and then narrow down your options by considering different features.

If the space is large, consider the use you plan to do with the space. Are you planning to use the area for relaxing, entertaining, or eating? If so, then you’ll need furniture that suits the function. A conversation set, for example, is made up of four lounge chairs that surround a small table. These are great for entertaining four guests over drinks and appetizers. Alternatively, you can opt for an outdoor dining set that seats several people.


Before you shop for outdoor furniture, you should have a rough idea of your budget. While you can spend less on the cheapest items, a quality set will be worth more in the long run. It is also important to consider seasonality when shopping for outdoor furniture, because furniture prices are lower during the late summer and August. Purchasing furniture made of aluminum or heavy-duty resin will be less expensive than those made from wood. If you have a limited budget, consider buying furniture that can be folded or stored away.

Whether you plan to sell your old outdoor furniture, repair it, or use it indoors, you must consider your budget when purchasing outdoor furniture. Many stores sell used outdoor furniture, which you can spruce up and dress it up with new cushions and pillows. You can even opt for refurbished pieces if you’re unsure of their quality. You can also shop online for furniture for your outdoor space at affordable prices. A budget-friendly outdoor furniture purchase can help you make the most of the space in your home, and will save you a lot of money.


In Colorado, teak patio sets blend perfectly with the rugged landscape, but you’ll need to protect them from the wind to avoid rotting. Wicker style outdoor furniture is also popular, but now comes in wood-free materials that won’t splinter. Mid-century modern enameled furnishings offer wide-ranging color palettes and silhouettes. They’re the perfect choice for durability, but you might need to give them a little paint or stain once in a while.

When choosing outdoor wicker furniture, consider the material and fabric. Synthetic wicker is less expensive but has a higher plastic content. It tends to crack and dry out after a while. The best synthetic wicker is made of HDPE, which is UV-resistant. Wicker furniture can give off a colonial or luxury vibe, depending on the material. You might also consider using a combination of synthetic wicker and natural wood.

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