Decorate townhouse

Redecorate the townhouse with little money

Your townhouse deserves to be decorated and pampered as much as your usual home. And it is that a country house can be stylish and beautiful. And more with these low-cost ideas.

The townhouse awaits you. And this year, you told yourself, it doesn’t happen. The decoration needs to be renewed. Even if it is cheap and with small details that make it warmer, more welcoming, and more stylish. These 13 details are perfect to start without having to make a large investment.

Interior designer tricks for the country house

Townhouse decoration ideas

The interior designer Pia Capdevila has decorated her townhouse. Get inspired by this video with her ideas. Below we show you more photos with other deco proposals without spending a lot of money.

Small But Very Effective Changes

Renewing the curtains and cushions is a cheap change with which a refreshing change is achieved and will help you decorate your country house. You can use soft tones in cool tones, such as washed-out greens and blues, which will help you perceive the environment as more refreshing and relaxing. Now, your country house is ready to receive.

Retrieve The Beams

If your country house has not undergone major transformations over the years, it will probably still show off its original beams, although perhaps painted white or with a tint that darkens them. A low-cost solution to restore all its splendor? Sand them down and leave the wood natural. To protect it, apply a transparent wax and let the color of the wood decorate the room. Cheap and successful. Is there a more decorative way to spend renewing the decoration of your country house?

Bet On Fibers

There is no material more attractive and cheaper than natural fibers. Take it to your home through rugs, lamps, and even decorative elements. In addition, in summer, they will add a cool touch to the very pleasant interior. Even more so if you combine them with white.

Reclaimed Furniture

An old piece of furniture can take on a new look with a coat of paint. Thus, a showcase that you did not have any kind of appreciation for can become your most precious piece of furniture if you paint it with chalk paint. The best thing is that it is a very simple type of paint to apply and that, thanks to its texture, will bring a very rustic and decorative air to any corner of your townhouse.

Change Sofa Covers

Surely the sofa in your country house is not as comfortable as the one in your usual home, you may even have tired of its upholstery. Well, to change its appearance with little money, is nothing like putting on a linen cover. It will change the look of the living room and, best of all, your old sofa will look like another!

Fill Your Living Room With Plants

Yes, your house in the town is surrounded by nature, but taking it indoors will not only help you to refresh and purify the environment, but it will also decorate and enhance that country and natural point that your country house has. You can use large plants, such as the bird of paradise or Strelitzia, but also palm trees, monsteras (so fashionable), or small plants, such as ferns or pothos. The important thing is that they are resistant species that hold up well all year round with minimal care.

Fall In Love With Hydraulics

Nothing decorates a townhouse better than hydraulic tiles, reminiscent of old country houses. Its colorful and beautiful patterns are ideal for decorating the kitchen. And the best thing is that, now, there are several materials that imitate them very faithfully. Vinyl tiles are an inexpensive option that will give you incredible results.

Also On The Ground

If we said that there are vinyl tiles that imitate hydraulic tiles, you also have them in carpet mode to help you decorate the floor. You will be able to enjoy its beauty and color with the minimum investment (they are quite cheap) and zero work.

Wallpaper, Yes, But Floral!

Because a townhouse asks for that little country point that is so cozy and warm. For this reason, avoid the most modern patterns, such as geometric ones, and, for the dining area or the kitchen, for example, go for floral wallpapers and warm colors, like the one that decorates this office.

And In The Bedroom!

Although here we recommend that you change those warm tones for colder ones, such as blue. And it is that these shades invite rest and relaxation. With a wallpaper with blue flowers, like the one that decorates this room, you will feel that you are in the French countryside and with the minimum investment.


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