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Useful tips to clean and tidy your bedroom

These delicate days of isolation are serving to make video calls with friends and family, watch movies that we had been waiting for years, exercise at home, and, why not, thoroughly clean our home. The bedroom is one of the places where we spend the most hours a day, so it may be a good idea to use the morning or afternoon of this quarantine to tidy up and leave the room like a whistle. If you don’t know where to start, we’ll give you some tips and tricks to make the task easier and more entertaining.

How to do a deep cleaning?

Bedroom cleaning tips

T-shirts on the bed, jackets on the chair, and the jewels scattered on the bedside table. The current rhythm of life prevents, on many occasions, keeping the house always clean and tidy, but a situation like the one we are experiencing is a good opportunity to leave the room as if we were in front of a decoration magazine. The first thing is to remove the sheets and ventilate the room, you can even turn the mattress to increase its useful life. Curtains tend to collect a lot of dust, so if there are small children in the house, pets, or even if you smoke, they should be washed often. Do not forget to remove carpets and move furniture, chairs, armchairs, and cabinets to thoroughly clean the room.

In order to carry out a thorough cleaning, it is essential that all the drawers are emptied, which will also allow a selection to be made of what is really necessary and what is not. In this step you can take the opportunity to divide what you are not going to use into two bags, one to throw away and the other to donate. It is a good opportunity to show solidarity and share books, toys, and clothes with those most in need. Marie Kondo, the author of The Magic of Order, recommends dividing objects by categories when deciding what to get rid of and leaving the most personal things for last, those that are usually more difficult to throw away.

Vacuum The Floor Well

To avoid the accumulation of dust and mites on the bedroom floor, use a vacuum cleaner. It is more effective than the broom, which is what it does is move the dirt without removing it completely. Before wiping with the cleaning product, use special wet wipes that will make the result impeccable. The order of cleaning is important. Experts recommend starting by vacuuming the floor and then cleaning from top to bottom to prevent dirt from falling into already clean places. To finish, you have to pass the vacuum again and scrub and dry the floor.

With The Bedroom Clean, You Have To Tidy

After cleaning the room and throwing away everything that is not necessary, it is time to tidy up the bedroom. You can take the opportunity to change the distribution of the furniture or modify the order of the decorative objects on the bedside tables or the chest of drawers to give the room fresh and renewed air. Less is more. In the next few days, you are going to spend many hours in the bedroom, so it is better that you do not saturate the room to avoid increasing the feeling of confinement and overwhelm. Store in drawers or boxes under the bed the objects that do not have to be seen.

How Do I Order The Closet?

About to welcome spring and with a long quarantine ahead, it may be a good time to make a change of wardrobe. Take the opportunity to store coats in the background and take out the cooler and more comfortable clothes to be at home. You can take out the boxes that you have stored in the attic with clothes from seasons ago that you have not used or garments that you have never worn. The Konmari method can be an effective way to empty your closet, keep what is strictly necessary and maintain order over time, something that is normally difficult. To finish, spray the room with a scent or place incense to make the feeling of cleanliness even greater.

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