How to Care for Carpet

How to Care for Carpet? Follow the Tips for Long Lasting

Carpets can sometimes be an expensive investment to make. You can spend thousands of pesos on carpeting a standard size home. Apart from the money, you will choose the perfect type and color of the carpet. But how much time do you invest in making sure it lasts a long time? This article contains a series of tips to help you make your carpets last longer.

How to care for carpet?

The most important thing to do to make your carpet last longer is to vacuum regularly. This is perhaps the most neglected task in carpet care. When you vacuum it, you remove dirt and dirt that might otherwise stain and ruin it. The accumulation of soil can wear down the fibers of the carpet every time someone walks on it. If you do nothing to increase the life of your carpet, then start by vacuuming.

How to Care for Carpet

Place floor mats at the entrance

Another great way to protect your carpets is by placing small rugs at the entrances where they join with other surfaces. This will leave a place for your family and friends to shake dust and dirt off their shoes before walking on their carpeted floor. Place the rugs on the surface before the carpet, not on the carpet. Otherwise, a mark will appear in the mat’s shape.

Move the furniture

A third method to protect your carpets is occasionally moving furniture. It’s not as easy as the other methods but it really makes a difference. When moving furniture, you change the direction in which traffic usually flows in a room and this prevents continuous wear in the same areas. Thus, it gives it a more even use, and the wear is more homogeneous.

Finally, clean your carpets often. Do not wait until they are so dirty that you cannot even look at them. Organize a cleaning routine with regular intervals. If you wait too long, the stains will be impregnated on the carpet irreversibly.

All these may seem small things, but in fact, they significantly prevent the wear of your carpets. So take the time to care for your carpet and you can enjoy it for many more years.

Elemental care of the carpet

The carpets should be taken care of and if it is not too bulky, it can be taken to the dry cleaners where there will be cleaners with experience in carpets made of different materials. Care should be taken not to place furniture on freshly washed carpets as these may leave permanent stains. Spills should be diluted with water and gently brushed from the outside in.

The costs of a carpet

The cost of a carpet depends on its manufacturing process and the materials used. Persian handmade and oriental rugs can be very expensive. The carpets manufactured by machines are durable and resistant to wear and can get as little as fifty dollars. There are carpets that can leave a few thousand dollars, which are usually used in mansions and hotel lobbies to complement the fine furniture of these places.

Installing a carpet on a wooden floor

Carpets look great on wood floors. These are elegant and easy to clean and the carpets offer a variety of options to stress the character of a room with a wooden floor and also act as a source of heat for the feet on winter days. The carpets look good with the decoration of any room, and this makes them more attractive. They not only give life to a boring room but also reduce noise levels.

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