What do you class as a forever home?

Most people dream of settling down one day in a “forever home”, and everyone imagines different features in their home. Some people want their forever home to be one in a community with friendly similar aged people like in a Residential Park Homes location living the park home life to the fullest.

Maybe you would like to have a vegetable garden, or perhaps your main priority is a closed-off driveway. Whatever you want, it turns out that we all have a few similar desires. A recent study from Origin has found out the must-haves for a forever home, and the list ranges from a double garage to a large garden.

The study also found that people want a detached property in the countryside that is worth around £447,000 – very specific!

The perfect home

A large kitchen and lounge are also essential for most people, along with a dining room and a utility room. This makes sense, especially if you plan to raise a family in the house, but there are also some slightly more specific requests.

Other must-haves include being less than 8 miles away from work, having great transport links, and being situated less than a mile from a pub. Some people even prioritise having a view of a field of cows, which is very rural!

Other priorities were more obvious, such as safe doors and large windows that are well-made.
It is worth noting that nearly 90 per cent of British people are happy with their home. Instead of moving, many plan to repair and renovate the space that they already live in instead of moving.

What does the ideal house look like for Brits?

The ideal home is worth around £458,000, and there will be at least four neighbours who are friendly. The house itself should have two reception rooms, at least two bathrooms, four bedrooms with two en-suites, and a playroom for children.

Many people desire a large garden with open fields and a stunning view, which isn’t too surprising. After all, gardening is great for your health!

The house will also have a front garden and a driveway that leads to off-street parking, which will ideally include a double garage. The back garden will feature a patio, and there will be a few colourful flowerbeds and a beautiful summer house. There also needs to be space to hang the washing outside!


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