This years Christmas Interior design tips

When it comes to Christmas, there is a wealth of decoration and design to choose from, to give your home that magical Christmassy feel. Draping tinsel, lights and hanging a few baubles on your tree is rarely enough these days. People are going to extremes to adorn and decorate their houses in elaborate and stylish Christmas themed designs. In fact so many people get carried away buying every year that they simply don’t have enough space to store their decorations and they end up being placed around the house on shelves and in corners.  A great idea to get prepared early for this christmas is to take a look at a Loft conversion Bristol company found at sites including who could help create that extra space that you desperately need. 

Coordinating your Christmas theme along with your home interior is not as complicated as it might sound. You may already match up your paint and wallpaper to furnishings, flooring and accessories, for an overall stylish and homely house. So why not check out your colour schemes and coordinate your Christmas decorations accordingly?

Once you have decided on your Christmas colour scheme, you may choose to add a theme, to bring all your Christmas accessories and decorations to life. Popular themes include Traditional, Scandinavian and Vintage.

Traditional Christmas theme

This is the easiest of all Christmas themes to achieve. Use simple white fairy lights on your tree, tie beautiful red bows and adorn with classic glass baubles. Peg your Christmas cards onto red ribbon and hang on the walls. If your home has a fireplace, take a red berry wreath and thread twinkly fairy lights through it and hang it above the mantelpiece. Hang traditional stockings below. If you want to replace your flooring, then a stunning tartan carpet will finish off this traditional cosy Christmas theme.

Scandinavian Christmas theme

The key to a Scandinavian styled interior is the texture and warmth of wooden surfaces. If you don’t have a hardwood floor, you can use wood effect laminate flooring. A capable DIYer could lay a floor in a day, so there’s still time before Christmas! Complete the Scandinavian look with a deep red rug, chunky knit cushions, some wooden animal decorations and a stunning snowy mountain picture on the wall for a winter chalet feel.

Vintage Christmas theme

Christmas dates back centuries and a vintage Christmas can evoke memories from many moons ago. Think nutcrackers and toy soldiers, make green and red paper chains and hang candy canes on your tree. Choose a vinyl floor in green along with a complementary rug for a classic vintage feel to your home.

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