What are OEM products?

Many people have purchased items, particularly software or computer accessories, that bear the letters OEM. This abbreviation stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. There are differences between OEM goods and normal retail goods, with the OEM variety sometimes being cheaper.

Intended buyers

OEM products are generally labelled as such because of who is meant to be buying these goods. In the computer world, OEM items are usually destined for companies such as Apple or Dell, who manufacture products to sell.

In a sense, OEM items are like wholesale goods, which is why they are often packaged in generic styles of wrapping. They would not be displayed in a normal retail outlet, but online retailers are less fussy about appearances and often don’t mind stocking OEM goods. Technology, particularly for computers, is fast evolving. For some tips on investing in computer equipment that will last, see this report from The Guardian.

Check the specs

While there are no problems or restrictions when it comes to buying OEM goods, you do need to know what you are looking for. Because they are designed for sale to manufacturers, they may not be sold with all the extras you would expect when buying the usual retail variety. The item also may not be sold with the usual guarantees or warranties.

For those who are very knowledgeable about the products they are buying, none of this may matter. However, someone who only has a rudimentary knowledge of what they are purchasing may end up with goods that they cannot use. Buying OEM goods effectively makes you the manufacturer, so it may also be more difficult to get advice or support to sort out any issues.

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It’s always tempting to look for bargains, but sometimes it’s best to acknowledge that cutting corners may be more expensive in the long run. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for, and often it’s worth paying more to get the best.


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