Welcome Guests with a Festive Thanksgiving Door Cover

Welcome Guests with a Festive Thanksgiving Door Cover

The holidays are right around the corner, and you know what that means – it’s time to deck the halls! As you prepare your home for the festivities, don’t forget about your front door. A festive Thanksgiving door cover is the perfect way to get your guests in the holiday spirit as soon as they arrive.

But where do you begin? With so many ideas out there, it can be tricky to choose the right Thanksgiving door décor to fit your style. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with some fun and easy Thanksgiving door ideas that are sure to impress.

Keep It Simple With a Wreath

Sometimes, less is more. A simple autumnal wreath is a classic way to decorate your door for Thanksgiving without going over the top. Look for one with warm fall colors like oranges, browns, and reds. It will give your entry a cozy, welcoming feel.

For an extra touch, you can add mini gourds, berries, pinecones, or a large plaid bow. This is an easy decoration that makes a big impact. Plus, if you live in a colder climate, the wreath can stay up through December and carry you right into Christmas.

Keep It Simple With a Wreath

Craft Your Burlap Banner

Want your decoration to stand out on the block? DIY a giant banner out of burlap and fall-colored fabric. Cut letters out of the fabric to spell “Happy Thanksgiving” or “Give Thanks.” Stitch or glue them onto the burlap background.

You can get creative with the shapes, sizes, and fonts of your letters. Add small pumpkins, leaves, or turkeys cut from felt or craft foam. Finish it off by tying jute twine to the top corners so you can hang the banner proudly on your door. Your guests will be impressed you made it yourself!

Commemorate the First Thanksgiving

For history buffs, decorate your door with a nod to the first Thanksgiving feast in 1621. Make a paper mache rock to look like Plymouth Rock and give your decoration an authentic feel.

Surround the “rock” with construction paper cutouts of turkeys, pumpkins, corn, and more. You can even include paper Native Americans and Pilgrims to replicate images from the first Thanksgiving. This is a great option if you’re hosting a themed dinner party.

Crank Up the Fall Charm

One of the easiest ways to decorate your Thanksgiving door is by stacking a few pumpkins on the porch or steps. Go for a mix of shapes, sizes, and colors for lots of visual appeal. Mini pumpkins look sweet lining the door frame or on the handles.

For extra flair, paint your pumpkins in plaid or polka dot patterns. Add some faux leaves, berries, or flowers for texture. Light up your pumpkins at night with battery-operated candles or string lights. Nothing says fall like a pumpkin patch right at your entry!

Welcome Guests with Corn and Gourds

If you want a natural, earthy look, corn and gourds are the perfect choice. Hang bunches of dried corn stacked in vases or jars near your door. Place small and medium gourds around in warm shades of brown, orange, tan, and yellow.

Get creative with patterns. Try arranging the gourds in size order, alternating colors, or clustering them in the corners. You can also tie jute bows around some gourds or display them in baskets. This organic décor is affordable and easy to source at any grocery store.

Show Off Fall Foliage

Show Off Fall Foliage

One of the prettiest parts of autumn is the changing leaves. Capture that beauty in your door décor by using fallen branches. Look for interesting twigs, branches, or vines that have great color and texture.

Arrange them in vases or string lights through them. You can also hang branches above your door frame. Attach fall leaves with clothespins along the branches for a pop of color. Don’t forget to add faux berries, acorns, and pinecones as well for extra autumn ambiance.

Gather ‘Round the Cornucopia

No Thanksgiving door is complete without a cornucopia overflowing with bounty. A horn of plenty symbolizes the harvest and abundance of the season. Stuff your cornucopia with fake fall fruits and veggies like mini pumpkins, gourds, apples, and ears of corn.

Wrap fall foliage around the edges for texture. Display a few gourds and mini pumpkins around the base. Place your cornucopia on the porch or lean it next to the front door as a cute focal point. You can find affordable cornucopia baskets at any craft store.

The More Turkeys, the Merrier

Turkeys are the star of the Thanksgiving show, so don’t be shy about decorating with them! Look for fun turkey crafts, blow-ups, windsocks, door hangers, and more to showcase all around your entryway.

Paint wooden turkey cutouts in bold fall colors. Stand life-sized turkey decorations on your porch to greet guests. Accent with turkey feather boas, wreaths, table scatter, or garlands. You can also trace your kids’ hands on brown and red paper to make adorable turkey handprints for the door.

Allow Pie To Lead Your Décor

As one of the quintessential Thanksgiving desserts, pie makes for a very festive door theme. Use tissue paper and construction paper to make a giant pie on your door. Cut leaf and pumpkin shapes from fall-colored paper to fill out your “pie.”

Get extra creative by cutting apples and pumpkins in half to make double crusts. Make mini paper pie plates and place them around your door frame. You can even hang strings of paper pie plates across the top of your doorframe for a unique healthy touch.

Get Inspired by Football and Fall

Since Thanksgiving falls during football season, incorporate sports into your décor. Make footballs out of brown and orange paper or felt. Use stencils to paint football laces on mini pumpkins. Arrange artificial fall leaves in the shape of a football.

Cut out paper footballs and use them to make garlands for your door or porch. Add a vibrant plaid bow or fabric pennant above the door to represent your favorite team. This sporty décor will excite guests as soon as they spy it.

Layer On the Plaid and Checks

Buffalo check and plaid instantly evoke cozy fall feelings. Incorporate these prints into your Thanksgiving décor for a stylish motif. Drape plaid blankets or pillows over your porch chairs. Use black and white check ribbon to make bows for wreaths or garlands.

Wrap the checkered fabric around pots of mums or autumn branches. Stencil tiny checks or plaid onto pumpkins or wood cutouts. You can also find adorable plaid scarecrows, pillows, stepping stones, and other accessories to complement your existing decor. Let the checks lead the way!

Layer On the Plaid and Checks

Light the Way with Lanterns

As the days get darker earlier, lighting becomes an important part of holiday decor. Lanterns lined up along your walkway or porch steps help guide guests right to your door. Look for metal, glass, or wire lanterns in all different shapes and sizes.

Fill them with battery-operated candles or string lights so they glow at night. You can also hang lanterns from ribbons on your door frame. Place lanterns on the ground surrounded by pumpkins and gourds. However you arrange them, lanterns are a warm, welcoming touch.


When should I decorate my door for Thanksgiving?

Most people decorate their front doors 1-2 weeks before Thanksgiving. You’ll want your decor up to welcome guests and get everyone excited for the holiday.

What are good Thanksgiving door colors?

Traditional Thanksgiving colors are orange, yellow, red, brown, tan, black, and white. Incorporate these hues through natural elements like gourds and foliage or handmade crafts.

Should my Thanksgiving door décor be fancy or simple?

This depends on your style! Simple wreaths and pumpkins create an understated look, while plaid banners and turkey crafts make more of a statement. Find a level you feel comfortable with.

What are creative alternatives to typical Thanksgiving decorations?

If you want a non-traditional look, try using lanterns, burlap, fresh herbs, football themes, or autumnal wreaths with unique details. Get creative with shapes, textures, and colors!

How can I use my Thanksgiving door décor afterward?

Many classic fall elements like wreaths, leaves, pumpkins, and lanterns can be incorporated into Christmas décor after Thanksgiving. Get the most bang for your buck by re-purposing pieces.

Last Words

As you can see, the possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating your front door for Thanksgiving. The right décor makes a great first impression and sets the tone for your entire holiday celebration. Look around your home for unique items to repurpose or head to the craft store for inspiration.

Most importantly, reflect your fall style. Wowing guests starts with your doorstep, so let your creativity run wild! Transform your living space into a festive wonderland with deck the halls: apartment Christmas decor ideas, where creativity meets coziness; choose pieces that make you smile and get you excited for the holiday, pulling guests in with that cozy, festive Thanksgiving charm.

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