Deck the Halls: Apartment Christmas Decor Ideas

Deck the Halls: Apartment Christmas Decor Ideas

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s time to spread some Christmas cheer in your home with unique apartment Christmas decor! For those of us living in apartments, decking the halls can be tricky with limited space. But have no fear – with a little creativity and imagination, you can create a festive oasis, no matter the square footage.

Let’s walk through how to make your apartment feel downright merry and bright, from Christmas trees to stockings to tablespaces and more. I’ll share my favorite tips and tricks to maximize your holiday style using apartment Christmas decor. Before you know it, your tiny rental will feel like Santa’s workshop!

Picking a Christmas Tree

Picking a Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is the heart of any festive home. But when you live in an apartment, the traditional full-size evergreen is probably out of the question. No need to fret – you’ve got options! Here are some great ways to get your tree fix:

Tabletop tree. Mini trees are made for apartments! Look for one 2-3 feet tall that can fit on an end table, console, desk, or counter. Make sure it’s big enough to hold some ornaments. Add a tree skirt to hide the stand. Voilà – instant holiday charm!

Lean it against the wall. Forgo a stand entirely and place a small-to-medium tree in the corner of a room. Lean it against the wall at an angle, decorated side out. This saves space and looks chic.

Hang it on the wall. For a really unique statement, hang a faux tree on the wall with decorative hooks. This lifts it off the floor and creates a cool, contemporary vibe. Add lights and ornaments for dazzle.

DIY something unexpected. Why not make a tree out of books, ribbons, wrapping paper tubes, or other supplies you already have? Get creative with materials on hand for a budget-friendly option.

Potted evergreen branches. Replicate the look and scent of a fir tree with an evergreen branch in a large vase or pot. Adorn with mini ornaments for a rustic feel.

The options are endless once you start thinking outside the typical tree box. Find a spot to place your petite tree, style it to perfection, and let the Christmas magic begin!

Festive Accents for Every Room

A small tree anchors your holiday decor, but you’ll want to sprinkle touches of Christmas throughout your space. No need to deck every inch (unless you want to!) – a few key accents in each room go a long way.

Living Room:

– Stockings over the “fireplace.” Hang with command hooks or decorative mantel clips, even if you don’t have an actual mantle. Add each person’s name for personalization.

– A cozy throw blanket with a Christmas motif. Drape festively over your couch or chair.

– Christmas pillows. An easy way to tie in holiday hues like red, green, and gold.

– Candy dish. Fill with red-and-white peppermints or other Christmas candies for guests to enjoy.

– Lit greenery garland over the windows or doorway. Sets a warm, inviting mood.


– Tea towels and oven mitts with Christmas designs. Santa, snowflakes, trees, etc.

– Cookie jars and cannisters to hold holiday treats.

– Bottle brush trees on the counter or kitchen table. These mini trees made of colorful bristles provide joyful ambiance.

– Mugs for serving up hot cocoa topped with whipped cream and cinnamon.

– A mini gingerbread house as a centerpiece.


– String twinkle lights along the headboard or above the bed. A twinkly glow sets a serene mood.

– Christmas bedding like flannel sheets and a comforter with holiday patterns.

– A plush Christmas tree pillow or throw.

– A sprig of mistletoe hung above the door for fun!

– A classic snow globe on the dresser or nightstand. Shake things up with some holiday whimsy.


– Fluffy Christmas hand and bath towels. Choose colors like deep red, evergreen, and pure white.

– Shower curtain with Santa, snowmen, or penguins.

– Candles that smell like Christmas, like pine, spice, peppermint, or sugar cookies.

– Holiday hand soap dispensers on the sink.

– A Christmas tree made of plush or plastic shower poufes hanging from the shower head.

– Christmas figurines around the tub or sink. Snowmen, Santas, reindeer, etc.

I love finding small ways to scatter holiday cheer in every space. With a dash here and a touch there, your apartment will feel happy and festive in no time.

Setting a Merry Table

Setting a Merry Table

This the season for gatherings with loved ones. Make your holiday tables ultra inviting with these tips:

China: Break out your best dinnerware – even if it’s just you and a roommate. The good stuff adds festivity. Don’t have a separate set? Use colorful Christmas mugs, dishes in holiday hues, or fun printed paper plates.

Linens: A crisp white tablecloth or red runner instantly elevates the table. For easy cleaning, top with clear plastic. Fold napkins in fun shapes like trees or snowflakes.

Centerpiece: Choose something bright, fun, and seasonal like poinsettias, pine sprigs, evergreen wreaths, or candies. For an eclectic look, surround a hurricane vase with Christmas baubles. Get creative!

Place settings: Tie silverware with ribbon and jingle bells. Write names on gift tags. Use napkin rings trimmed with greenery.

Favors: Send guests home with something sweet like cookie packets, candy, or mini bread loaves. Wrap edible gifts in cellophane and tie them with ribbon.

Music: Create a playlist of all your favorite carols and holiday hits. Christmas tunes infuse joy and warmth.

With a few special apartment christmas decor touches, your holiday table will feel straight out of a magazine. ‘Tis the season to go all out with friends and family!

Dazzling Christmas Lights

There’s something magical about Christmas lights. They spark nostalgia and make even the smallest space feel extraordinary. Here are inventive ways to add holiday glow in an apartment:

– Window lights. Line windows with mini string lights – inside and out. Outline the frame or hang vertically. Add reindeer, snowflakes, or wreath silhouettes to glass for a stained glass effect.

– Living room silhouettes. Use painter’s tape to create Christmas shapes on the wall like trees, stockings, stars, etc. Outline in mini lights.

– Bedroom headboard lights. Outline your headboard or frame your bed with string lights for a cozy glow.

– Kitchen cabinet or shelf lighting. Tape lights under cabinets or along shelves. Outline counters or open shelving.

– Entryway lamp post. Turn a floor lamp into a faux lamp post. Wrap it in garland and lights from top to bottom.

– Tree lighting. Spotlight your petite tree with colored lights – classic white, multi, or single hue. Outline just the inner branches or cover it completely.

– Ceiling draping. Drape string lights across the ceiling like an illuminated canopy. Use command hooks to hang easily.

Lights bring such nostalgic ambience to Christmas. Take advantage of corners, surfaces, and spaces to creatively highlight with holiday glow.

Finding Space for a Christmas Village

Finding Space for a Christmas Village

A miniature Christmas village is a staple of the season for many. But assembling a full Nativity or Dickensian landscape may be tough in an apartment. Don’t worry – you can still enjoy a smaller-scale setup with these suggestions:

– Vignettes on shelves. Fill a bookcase shelf or narrow console table with just a few key pieces: a miniature house, church, pine trees, figurines, etc.

– Village along the mantel. Line up your tiny buildings, trees, lamp posts, and carolers along a mantel or shelf over the faux fireplace.

– Tabletop town. Dedicate a side table, desk, or island to your petite Christmas village. Surround with cotton “snow” for a wintry feel.

– Cabinet nooks. Set up micro vignettes in corner cabinets, bookcases, hutches, and display shelving. Each little space tells its own story.

– Windowsill scenes. Arrange your mini Christmas pieces along a tabletop, countertop, desk, or windowsill. Illuminate with string lights.

– Only the essentials. Limit your village to just a few must-haves, like a church, downtown shop, and green space. Skip sprawling storefront scenes.

With strategic placement, you can enjoy the charm of a miniature Christmas world, even with limited apartment space. Focus on tiny vignettes inunexpected spots versus a massive setup.

Making Spirits Bright Gallery Wall

Why choose one Christmas decoration when you can display a dozen? Creating a holiday gallery wall showcases your whole collection in brilliant style. Here’s how to deck your walls with all things Christmas:

– Pick a theme. Vintage, rustic, traditional, whimsical – narrowing your focus helps curate pieces. But you can also opt for an eclectic everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach!

– Pick a spot. Decide on wall space to focalize your display. Hallways or above sideboards work nicely.

– Collect pieces. Gather holiday wall décor like framed prints, painted signs, glittery poinsettias, lighted snowflakes, garlands, wreaths, etc. The more, the merrier!

– Arrange creatively. Play with vignettes, rows, or clusters of similar items. Balance heights, colors, and shapes. Fill every last inch or keep it clean.

– Alternative ideas. If your walls are bare, no problem! Hang ornaments, decorate a ladder, display Christmas cards – anything festive.

– Illuminate with lights. Mini lights along the edges or spotlights on key pieces make everything pop.

Your gallery wall is a great chance to showcase your whole Christmas collection in one dazzling display. Let your decorating imagination run completely wild!

Doors Decked Out

Want to make a huge decorative impact with minimal effort? Transform your apartment door into a Christmas masterpiece! Here’s how:

– Wreath. The classic doorway wreath remains iconic for a reason. Opt for frosted, rustic, or ultra colorful to complement your style.

– Swag. For a fuller look, hang an evergreen swag along with or instead of a wreath. Weave in plaid ribbon, pinecones, bells, etc.

– Wrap it. Who needs boring old door paint? Go bold by wrapping the door in wrapping paper – pick a bright red-and-green print. Top with an oversized bow.

– Chalk it up. DIY some holiday cheer by decorating the door with Christmas-colored chalk. Draw wreaths, trees, snowflakes, peppermint swirls – anything!

– Stencils and shapes. Use painter’s tape to stencil designs like stars, trees, snowflakes, or words (“Ho Ho Ho!”). Outline with chalk or mini lights.

– Garland it. Wrap faux greenery garland down the door and across the top. Accent with Christmas picks, ornaments, and bows.

– Messages. Add vinyl phrases like “Santa Stop Here!” Or paper cut-outs reading “Merry Christmas!”

Go Santa-bold with your door decor this year! Besides a warm welcome, it shows your holiday spirit from the curb.

Making Merry with Christmas Cards

Making Merry with Christmas Cards

Sending and receiving Christmas cards is one of my favorite traditions. But where to display those cards in an apartment? Get playful with these creative ideas:

– Card garland. String them up by punching holes and connecting with ribbon, string, or cord. Hang across windows, doorways, or along the wall.

– 3D display board. Cover a board or canvas with sticky tack. Arrange cards in grid, stripes, or clusters to decorate.

– Faux fireplace mantel. Line them up neatly along your make-believe mantel for a classic look.

– Bulletin or postcard board. Mount a decorative board (or use a sheet of cardboard) to pin up cards. Outline with ribbon.

– Vintage card tree. Tape cards folded accordion-style into the shape of a triangle tree on the wall. Decorate for a retro vibe.

– Window wreath. If you have big picture windows, use painter’s tape to make a circle wreath shape. Display cards inside the wreath.

With a little DIY spirit, you can transform simple cards into whimsical art displays. Let them lend a handmade holiday feel.

Simplifying Storage and Decor

When square footage is limited, storage can be a constant struggle. You don’t have to sacrifice your holiday cheer – just get savvy with space-saving strategies:

– Look up. Use vertical space to your advantage. Hang decor from curtain rods and ceiling hooks. Stack floor vignettes on entryway benches, side tables, bookcases, etc.

– Contain the clutter. Store ornaments and decor in under-bed containers, over-the-door organizers, or lidded totes that slide under couches, beds, and tables. This keeps everything accessible but tidy.

– Take advantage of nooks. Tuck petite trees, mini villages, and vignettes into those awkward, neglected spaces like corner cabinets, above the fridge, on radiator covers, or the top of bookcases.

– Only keep the special decorations. Be selective about what you display so it doesn’t start to feel cluttered. Pass along or donate extras.

– Be strategic with furniture. Choose multifunctional coffee and side tables with drawers, shelves, and cabinet storage to stow holiday linens, candles, and decor when not in use.

With a little experience decorating small spaces, you’ll discover which pieces to prioritize and how to neatly contain the rest. Don’t let apartment size dampen your holiday style game!

Making Merry on the Cheap

Making Merry on the Cheap

The holidays can wreak havoc on your wallet. With creativity and resourcefulness, you can craft charming decorations without blowing your budget:

– Forage from nature. Look for pinecones to cluster, branches to style into tabletop trees, and evergreen sprigs to frame your holiday accents.

– Repurpose what you already own. Turn teacups into mini vases, dresser drawers into gift caddies, and scarves into tree skirts or table runners.

– Shop discount. Dollar stores, thrift shops, and post- Christmas sales are great sources for ornaments, figurines, craft supplies, and more at steep discounts.

– Make homemade decorations. DIY fabulously festive decor from materials like craft paper, burlap, yarn, clothespins, Mason jars, and more. Get creative!

– Swap or borrow from friends. Nobody uses all their decorations in one season. Swap, lend, gift, and regift with loved ones.

– Stick to a color palette. Concentrating on two or three key hues gives a pulled-together look without loads of different decorations.

Being resourceful with what you have and selective in new purchases keeps costs manageable. With DIY spirit and a touch of sparkle, you can deck those halls stylishly on a budget!

Let It Snow, Let It Snow

There’s one thing that’s hard to recreate with apartment holiday decor – the magic of newly fallen snow. Soak up winter wonderland vibes and bring the outdoors in with these magical touches:

– Spray snow window decals. Cover your windows with magical faux flurries. Outline frames with tinsel icicles.

– DIY paper snowflakes. Make like a kid and craft snowflake mobiles and garlands to hang around the apartment. Add a personal touch.

– Marshmallow snowballs. For a sweet tabletop touch, pile white chocolate and marshmallows in glass bowls like fresh fluffy snow. Kids will love snacking on these too!

– Glittery pinecones or gift boxes. A sprinkle of fine white glitter or glitter spray takes plain decor up a notch to glistening, freshly “frosty” pieces. A little goes a long way.

– White throw blankets everywhere. Drape luxuriously soft blankets over furniture, beds, and laps. Feel like you’re snuggling in a winter blanket of snow.

– Nature-inspired candles or diffusers. Scents like pine, balsam fir, and amber evoke the crisp essence of winter. Close your eyes and escape for a moment.

You may not have the real stuff, but faux snow sets the magical mood. A few sparkling touches turn up the volume on cozy, snowy, holiday vibes. Let’s go build a snowman!


Though apartments pose some unique challenges, they also offer opportunities to get really creative with holiday decor. Use these tips and tricks to make the most of your space, display your treasured apartment Christmas decor, and infuse your small rental with big Christmas spirit.

With a little imagination and DIY apartment Christmas decor enthusiasm, you can design a festive oasis perfect for you. Don’t settle for less just because your home is small. When it comes to decking the halls, dream big with stunning blue and white Christmas decor ideas! With careful planning and these apartment-friendly suggestions, this will be your merriest Christmas yet, filled with a dazzling display of festive elegance.


  1. How can I hang Christmas lights in my apartment?

Use removable hooks, command strips, small nails, or magnetic clips to hang lights around windows, borders, shelves, headboards, etc. Check with your rental company about any restrictions on hanging items before putting holes in the walls.

  1. Where should I put my Christmas tree in a small apartment?

Look for an empty corner or cleared counter space, like an end table or kitchen island. Or place a miniature tree on the mantle over your “fireplace” area.

  1. What are good alternatives to a Christmas tree in an apartment?

Some creative options include a tree made of garland or ribbon tacked to the wall in a tree shape, decorated branches in a vase, a gallery wall of Christmas art and decor, a tree made from books or other materials on hand, or mini tabletop trees placed throughout your space.

  1. How can I save space with my Christmas decorations in a small apartment?

Store ornaments and decor items in under-bed containers or over-the-door organizers when not in use. Only keep special pieces you’ll definitely display each year. Be strategic about decorating vertical spaces like walls and windowsills to get decor up and out of the way.

  1. What are some inexpensive Christmas decoration ideas for apartments?

Look for free natural items like pinecones and evergreen branches to incorporate. Repurpose what you already own into apartment Christmas decor. Shop dollar stores, thrift shops, or post-holiday sales for deals. Make DIY ornaments and decor from low-cost craft supplies. Swap or borrow extras from friends and family.

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