Stunning Blue and White Christmas Decor Ideas

Stunning Blue and White Christmas Decor Ideas

The holiday season is a magical time filled with joy, love, and wonder. And there’s no better way to set the festive mood in your home than with Christmas decorations. This year, consider going with a blue-and-white color palette for your decor. Not only is it an elegant and timeless choice, but it also lends itself beautifully to creating a winter wonderland right in your own home.

From icy blue accents to crisp white trimmings, this color combination is both classic and refreshing. It evokes images of snow-covered landscapes outside while creating a cozy atmosphere inside. When paired with warm metallics like gold and silver, the look is stunning.

If a blue and white Christmas sounds appealing, read on for some dazzling decorating ideas to inspire your holiday style.

Flocked Trees and Shimmering Ornaments

A beautifully decorated Christmas tree serves as the centerpiece of holiday decor. For a blue and white theme, go with a full-flocked tree in an icy blue hue. Flocked trees have a light coating of faux snow that creates a magical wintry feel. For ornaments, choose glass bulbs in varying shades of blue, from pale blue to deep navy. Mix in clear glass bulbs and add pops of shimmer with metallic silver and gold baubles. Finish it off by draping soft white string lights from top to bottom. The result is a twinkling winter tree that looks like it came straight out of a snow globe.

For a different twist, decorate a full green tree with blue and silver ornaments mixed with crisp white lights. This adds a touch of color while still keeping to the color scheme. Just be sure to stick to cool-toned hues of blue rather than warm shades. Icicle lights also make a great addition, dangling like frozen spikes of ice.

Flocked Trees and Shimmering Ornaments

Blue and White Christmas Decor Outdoor

Blue and white Christmas decor is a classic and elegant combination that can create a winter wonderland feel for your outdoor space. Here are five ideas for blue and white Christmas decor that you can use to decorate your yard, porch, and front door:

Blue and white Christmas lights:

String lights are a staple of outdoor Christmas decorating, and blue and white lights can add a touch of sophistication to your display. You can wrap blue and white lights around your trees, shrubs, and porch railings, or hang them in icicle formation from your roof.

Blue and white Christmas ornaments:

If you have a live outdoor tree, you can decorate it with blue and white Christmas ornaments. There are many different types of blue and white ornaments available, including glass balls, plastic ornaments, and even fabric ornaments. You can also add white lights to your outdoor tree to create a magical effect.

Blue and white Christmas wreath:

A blue and white Christmas wreath is a beautiful way to decorate your front door. There are many different types of blue and white wreaths available, including wreaths made from fresh pine boughs, artificial pine needles, or even ribbons. You can also add blue and white ornaments, berries, or other embellishments to your wreath to make it unique.

Blue and white Christmas garland:

Blue and white Christmas garland can be used to decorate your porch railings, mantle, or even your mailbox. There are many different types of blue and white garlands available, including garlands made from fresh pine boughs, artificial pine needles, or even ribbons. You can also add blue and white ornaments, berries, or other embellishments to your garland to make it unique.

Blue and white Christmas inflatables:

Blue and white Christmas inflatables are a fun way to decorate your yard. There are many different types of blue and white inflatables available, including snowmen, penguins, reindeer, and even Santa Claus. You can also add blue and white lights to your inflatables to make them stand out even more.

Winter Florals and Greenery

Winter Florals and Greenery

Flowers and greenery are a must for holiday decor. To complement the blue and white theme, opt for faux floral stems and arrangements featuring icy blue blooms and crisp white berries. Silver dollar eucalyptus, frosted pinecones, and curly willow branches also help enhance the winter vibe. Add interest by mixing in textures like fuzzy lamb’s ear and feather plumes.

Nestle your wintry florals into a classic white ceramic vase for the living room or dining table. For festive centerpieces, gather frosted pinecones, glittery snowflake ornaments, and tea light candles for a dazzling display. You can also hang mini wreaths made from eucalyptus on stair railings or place them on side tables. Embracing icy shades of nature is key for this frozen blue and white look.

Shimmering Snowflake Décor

Let it snow, let it snow! Incorporate snowflake décor into your blue and white holiday look for a magical touch. Opt for snowflake ornaments in silver, crystal, or frosted glass to adorn your Christmas tree and mantels. Swap out plain white stockings for versions with glittering snowflake designs. Use snowflake confetti or sequin overlays on table runners for some shimmer. Decorate staircases with snowflake garlands for a wintry accent.

For outside, stake glittery snowflake yard art into your garden beds or hang snowflake wreaths and lights on windows and front doors. Use sheer snowflake window clings to add pattern to glass surfaces. Snowflakes can also be worked into holiday candle displays by surrounding crystal candle holders with small flakes. Let these icy accents chill out your space with their crisp, cold beauty.

Winter Tabletop Style

The dining table is another area to develop the blue and white theme. Crisp white dishes like porcelain, bone china, or textured earthenware contrast beautifully with blue glassware. Incorporate snowflakes into dishware by using snowflake-patterned china or etched glassware.

For table linens, layer white tablecloths with sheer blue overlays. A sequin or beaded runner adds icy shimmer down the center. Opt for wintry centerpieces with frosted florals, glitter pinecones, and white taper candles. Tie it all together with place settings featuring silver cutlery, white napkins, and snowflake place cards. Icicles dangling overhead and soft white string lighting above complete this winter wonderland tablescape.

Blue and White Christmas Decor Outdoor

Cozy Accessories

Accessories help convey the spirit of the season while complementing your décor. Incorporate winter-themed accents into vignettes atop mantels, shelves, side tables, and more. Some ideas include:

– Faux fur snowball pillows
– Fuzzy white throw blankets
– Icy glittered candle holders with pillar candles
– Snowy owl figurines
– White and blue glass terrariums with mini pine trees or flowers
– White pillar candles of varying heights
– Gold reindeer figurines
– Gold Merry Christmas signs
– Silver-plated candlesticks and lanterns
– Ceramic or glass snow globes

Mix and match accessories in various heights, textures, and materials for dynamic displays. Just remember to keep it all in frosty shades of blue, silver, white, and gold. The accessories will accent your space while emphasizing the crisp, cool color story.

Easy DIY Décor

You don’t have to spend a fortune on store-bought decorations to deck out your home for the holidays. With a little creativity, you can easily DIY decorations that fit the icy blue and white aesthetic:

– Make snowflake garlands by folding paper snowflakes and stringing them together with a fishing line. Drape these over mantels, staircases, doorways, etc.

– Craft mini snow globe decorations by placing tiny winter figurines inside jars filled with glittery water and fake snow. Seal the lid so they resemble real snow globes.

– Design marbled blue and white candles by melting old crayons onto plain pillar candles. The colored wax will drip for a watercolor effect.

– Gather pinecones from outside and spray paint them icy blue and silver for wintry arrangements.

– Cut out snowflake artwork from glitter cardstock to use as drink coasters.

The options for easy, budget-friendly DIY decorations are endless. Not only will you save money, but you can also customize pieces to perfectly suit your style.

Pretty Indoor Blue and White Christmas Decor

Blue and white is a timeless and elegant color combination that is perfect for Christmas décor. It can be used to create a variety of looks, from classic and traditional to modern and whimsical.

Here are some ideas for pretty indoor blue and white Christmas décor:

  • Start with a blue and white Christmas tree. This is the perfect way to set the tone for your holiday décor. You can use a variety of blue and white ornaments, such as glass balls, snowflakes, and reindeer. You can also add some silver or gold accents for a touch of glamour.
  • Decorate your mantel with blue and white stockings. This is a classic Christmas tradition that will look beautiful in your home. Choose stockings in a variety of blues, from light and airy to deep and rich. You can also add some white fur accents for a cozy touch.
  • Add blue and white garlands to your doorways and windows. This is a simple way to add a festive touch to your home. You can find blue and white garlands in a variety of styles, including ribbon garlands, bead garlands, and even garlands made from ornaments.
  • Place blue and white centerpieces on your dining table and coffee table. This is a great way to add a touch of elegance to your holiday meals and gatherings. You can create your centerpieces using blue and white flowers, candles, and ornaments. You can also purchase pre-made centerpieces from many retailers.
  • Add blue and white throw pillows and blankets to your sofas and chairs. This is a great way to add a touch of comfort and style to your living room and bedroom. You can find blue and white throw pillows and blankets in a variety of styles and patterns.

Outdoor Dazzle

Outdoor Dazzle

Don’t reserve your blue and white elegance just for the indoors. Bring the icy magic to your exterior too with chilly outdoor decor:

– Adorn outdoor evergreen trees and shrubbery with blue string lights

– Stake mini lit-up Christmas trees in blue and white into garden beds

– Wrap blue and white striped ribbon around front porch columns

– Hang a large glittery snowflake wreath on your front door

– Place snow-dusted deer and elk figurines on your front lawn

– Project blue and white snowflakes onto the house with a holiday projector

– Line your driveway and walkways with luminaries in frosted glass jars

Your home’s exterior sets the tone, so beckon guests inside with the gorgeous blue and white style they can see from the curb. Extend your winter wonderland from the indoors out into your yard.

Mantel Magic

The fireplace mantel serves as the focal point for many living rooms during the holidays. Make it a showstopper by decking it out in blue and white finery. Here are some inspiring design ideas:

– Drape the mantel in frosty garlands like silver dollar eucalyptus interspersed with white fairy lights

– Flank candlesticks styled with frosted pinecones and bayberry leaves with matching silver reindeer on either side

– Hang a giant sparkling snowflake ornament as the centerpiece, surrounded by smaller snowflake décor and silver candlesticks

– Arrange silver-dusted branches crossed with ivory candles and crystal snowflake ornaments

– Display a collection of glittering snow globes, candles, and faux snowball accents

– Prop white wrapping paper rolls tied with blue ribbon against the base of the mantel as decoration

Finish it off by hanging embroidered baby blue stockings with each family member’s name in white floss. The options are endless for creating a showstopping focal point above the fireplace.


What are the best places to buy supplies for blue and white Christmas décor?

Some great places to shop for supplies include craft stores like Michaels, AC Moore, and Hobby Lobby, department stores like Target and Walmart, home goods stores like HomeGoods, At Home, and Kirklands, and online retailers like Amazon and Etsy. Shop sales and coupons around the holidays for the best deals.

What types of Christmas trees look best with blue and white decorations?

Flocked faux white trees or full green pine trees both make great bases for blue and white ornaments. Opt for a fir or spruce shape over Charlie Brown style. Make sure to buy one with dense, full branches to handle the weight of ornaments. Pre-lit trees with white lights save decorating time.

How can I incorporate blue and white with kids in the house?

Blue and white can feel slightly icy or formal alone, so introduce fun touches like snowman décor, character ornaments, faux fur throws, and personalized stockings. Let children make paper snowflakes or frost pinecones for DIY projects. Focus kid décor in designated areas or trees for their enjoyment.

What are inexpensive ways to get the blue and white look on a budget?

Shop dollar store finds like snowflake confetti, gift wrap, ribbon, candles, and tableware. Check out post-holiday sales for deeply discounted ornaments and garlands. Use what you already have and spray paint items like vases, candleholders, and decorative boxes. Embrace low-cost DIY projects using cardstock, glitter, paint, and more.

Can I only use blue and white or can I mix in other colors?

You can blend blue and white with metallic colors like silver, gold, copper, or rose gold. Clear crystal accents also complement the palette nicely. For pops of color, opt for frosty pastel tones like powder pink, seafoam green, icy purple, or pearlescent champagne. Just stick to cool, whimsical shades that evoke the spirit of winter.

Final Verdict

The magic of Christmas comes alive with gorgeous blue and white decorations. Festive kitchen Christmas decor inspiration for any style or space: Transform your culinary haven into a winter wonderland with our curated ideas; from snowy winter trees to icy floral arrangements, embrace frosty embellishments that dazzle and delight. Accent with glistening snowflakes, cozy textures, and a blend of silver and gold touches for an elegant style that feels fresh and festive. Spruce up your home indoors and out to transport guests into a winter wonderland. Blue and white Christmas decor is a timeless holiday choice that will add breathtaking beauty to your Christmas décor.

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