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Dining room decoration: 7 interesting ideas

Dining room decoration– On this occasion we will talk about decorating dining rooms. Yes, that dependence where, generally, we agree with the rest of the family. According to the layout of the house, in many cases, as soon as the entrance door opens we find the dining room. What we are going to do is that, normally. It is a passing area, which makes it even more important to leave it nice.

If we want to show off a beautiful dining room we have many resources at our disposal, from painting the walls.  Lighting, maybe decorating with pictures , changing the textile, changing the dining table. And  chairs, anyway.

Dining rooms with banks

Dining room decoration

We love the dining rooms with banks. In addition to being interesting from the decorative point of view, since they leave a little of the normal thing. They are very functional, because in a same long bank more people fit than in that same space seated in chairs. This is very useful, especially for those people who usually receive visits at lunchtime.

Ceiling lamps on the table

We love the ceiling lamps in dining rooms. The aesthetic effect they produce, especially when placed perfectly on the table is more than interesting. It does not matter if you have a round, square. Or rectangular dining table. A ceiling lamp will always look beautiful. In addition, in many cases, especially in rectangular tables. It is decided to place 2 or more hanging lamps.

Tables made of natural wood

the Dining room

Natural wood is another resource that we love for the decoration of dining rooms. No matter if it is rustic or modern dining. The truth is that a wooden table in natural color will be the star of the whole. It will become a real decorative piece.

Benches for a dining room in the kitchen

We love the sidewalks, especially to improvise a dining area in the kitchen. For example, these stools are super useful in kitchens with bar.  Where we can take advantage of it either for breakfast. Or why not lunch.

Small dining rooms for two

Singles or young couples usually live in very small apartments. Which means that we also have little space for the dining room. For such a case, what better than a mini dining room for two? If we are going to dine as a couple. Or alone a small table, whether square or round, will be more than enough.

Decoration of dining rooms with flowers

Decoration of dining rooms

If you like to decorate with flowers. The dining room is a good place to let yourself go and do it. If you like plants you can place plants with flowers in original pots. And if caring for plants is not your thing you can opt for vases or vases with flowers such as tulips, daisies or the flower that you like.

Wicker chairs in outdoor dining rooms

If you are lucky enough to have a large enough patio or garden. You would surely like to have an outdoor dining room , especially to enjoy it in summer, in meetings with friends or family. These summer dining rooms are ideal for organizing outdoor parties , especially in patios with pergolas .

For this type of space, the decoration with natural fibers is a success. For example, as we see in the following images, wicker chairs are an excellent option.

What did you think of the proposals? We hope you will be inspired to decorate dining rooms. If you liked the article we would love you to share it on your social networks, maybe your friends or followers will also be useful.

Informal eaters with banks

discover dining room

Nothing more practical than having long benches in the dining rooms. An ideal option for when the family is large or for when we organize, frequently, meals with friends. The banks allow us to optimize the space in dining rooms .

In addition to being a piece of furniture that has more and more followers. We can find it in different materials and styles. If we add cushions, preferably in the tones that predominate in our decoration we will  get a very functional dining room with a lot of style.

The banks are ideal mainly for environments where you need to gain space. If this is your problem the ideal is to change the chairs of your dining room for a model that suits and combines well with the rest of the chairs and furniture.

As we have said before, they are ideal to optimize space. It is estimated that a bank can seat up to four people in the same space that would occupy three or two chairs. Which is very important in case of receiving visits, for example.

There are many models, some are mobile and others are characterized by being fixed. These are the ones that go to the wall. Before choosing them you will have to evaluate the needs of your family. And the use that will be given to them. If the space you have is really limited you can choose a mobile bank. Which when not used can be stored under the table, allowing a better circulation through the environment. The mobile banks allow to gain, also, visual space and to make the dining room look much wider.

If the decoration allows you a good idea is to mix different seats, for example, place a bank of simple lines and more modern with old chairs. You can even paint each of the furniture in different shades. Or paint them all in the same color. And give them brush strokes of another tone with cushions of different patterns.

Our favorite are the wooden benches , a material that provides warmth. So you will have a nice and cozy dining room with a careful contemporary style.

If you choose to place the benches against the wall or choose a bank that can be attached to it, people who use it will be able to support it. Just choose a nice cushions to finish the decoration of your dining room and you will have a very special space to enjoy every day.

For more ideas we invite you to read our articles Small eateries with benches  and  Informal eaters.  And you will see how with some details you can give your environments a totally renewed very special and personal style.

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