fabrics for the children's room

All the keys to choose fabrics for the children’s room

Are you thinking of decorating a children’s room? Whether you expect the arrival of a new member to the family, or if you need to renew the space of the smallest of the house, today’s article interests you. Here are some very useful tips so you know how to choose the fabrics for the children’s room.

When I think of a special, effective and versatile resource when it comes to decorating, fabrics always come to my mind. And it is not strange, because through textiles we can configure the interior design of a room. And also give it a very special character. This works the same in children’s spaces, so it is important to know how to choose the fabrics for the children’s room. Today we give you some guidelines that will come from pearls. Keep reading.

How should the fabrics for the children’s room be?

 fabrics for the children's room

The children’s bedrooms are very important spaces in your home. Throughout their childhood, since they are born and until they get older, children spend a lot of time in their room. They are not only spaces to sleep, but there they play, study, interact with their friends, etc. In short, they spend a lot of their free time in their room.

That is why it is necessary that they be welcoming spaces, in which they can feel at ease, comfortable and safe. The fabrics provide comfort, as well as being a very decorative element.


 fabrics for the children's room

But, of course, all the fabrics for the children’s room do not work. They have to meet certain basic requirements so that they are appropriate and do not give us headaches. To begin with, we must be clear that they are going to be stained, and a lot. If there is something young children know how to do well, it is to stain.

That is why it is essential to choose fabrics that are easy to wash, that can be washed at home without problems, and that do not require special maintenance. Keep in mind that you will have to put the children’s textile elements in the washing machine every two minutes. It is also important that they do not need a lot of iron.

In addition to making sure that the fabrics for the children’s room are washed well, choose fabrics that are resistant, able to withstand the daily trot that will be subjected to the children of the house. The durability of the fabrics is an aspect to take into account. Run away from fine and delicate fabrics however much you like them, if you do not want to take a disappointment.

Cotton, the perfect fabric for children’s spaces


 fabrics for the children's room

The wide varieties of fabrics that exist in the market make it much easier to choose fabrics for children’s rooms. However, knowing the characteristics of some of them will also help you when they explain to you in the store the composition of each fabric.

And there are certain fabrics that lend themselves very well to decorate children’s rooms. Like cotton, which is one of the most natural in all its versions, thinner or with more body?

The cotton canvas, for example, is very practical and decorative. You will find it available in a host of models, both plain and patterned. So you can unleash your creativity. It will serve to make any item, from cushions, curtains, bedspreads and bedding, upholstery, etc. Of course, if you are going to buy it by the meter to make any item, wash it beforehand since it can shrink with the first wash.


 fabrics for the children's room

In addition to cotton, another fabric that is appropriate for the nursery is linen, which is very strong and natural. It does not deform or deteriorate easily and it is well washed at home. However, it has the disadvantage that it wrinkles a lot, so you will need a good ironing session. The linen is versatile and is perfect for curtains, bedding, cushions and cushions, etc.

The indispensable textile elements


 fabrics for the children's room

Curtains are one of the fundamental fabrics for the children’s room. They control the entry of sunlight, in addition to decorating the space. You can choose curtains, with or without fall, or a shade. This last option is very practical and modern. If you decide for her, keep in mind that the installation does not leave long cords that children can reach, since it could be dangerous.

The cushions are also a basic in a children’s room. They provide a very special comfort bonus. Of course, do not expect them to be always placed and in place. Rather they will be continuously rolling everywhere, so it is advisable to choose original and special cushions that can withstand washing, as I said before.

 fabrics for the children's room

As for bedding, the most important thing is that it is natural, breathable and comfortable. Choose fabrics for the children’s room with colors and coordinated prints that harmonize with the rest of the decoration. If your children are already older, you can let them choose colors or designs. It will make them feel important!

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