Clean pipes– It is difficult to carry out the maintenance of household pipes. Daily there are bad odors. Water leaks and obstructions that hinder not only the maintenance itself but also its care. Cleaning pipes is very important to avoid problems in the future.

Generally the pipes, and especially those whose installation dates back a long time ago. Always run the risk of deteriorating with the passage of time. Another thing that deteriorates the pipes, and that many times we do not realize, is to get rid of certain waste. To clean pipes and deal with this it is necessary to take care and clean the pipes with constancy. If we want to avoid inconveniences in the future. It is necessary to check and clean pipes once a month.

The first thing we must think is that you can not throw any waste down the drain and that in the bathroom a lot of hair accumulates in the drains. So we must use specific products to clean pipes. Because if this is done. It is most likely that they form a mixture with the lime or other sediments found in the water, which. Together with what is thrown down the drains, will cause the pipes to jam irretrievably. The chemical unblocking agents when dealing with them must be done carefully as they are toxic. If we have a sink stuck with an object, we can unclog it if hot water is discharged through the drain.

Apart from the chemical plunger to clean pipes there is a manual plunger. You must press it on the drain slits to work properly. In this way you can remove the remains of dirt or food causing the obstruction.



  • Do not throw oil down the drain.
  • Collect food waste when you wash the dishes.
  • Pick up the hairs from the drain when you shower.
  • For the toilet pull only toilet paper.
  • Do not throw away chemicals such as paint and solvents.



To avoid the bad smell of the pipes, you can clean pipes by pouring a mixture of baking soda, vinegar ( clean with vinegar is very useful for our home). And hot water in the following proportion:

  • Half a cup of bicarbonate.
  • A cup of vinegar.
  • Two cups of water

Once these substances are combined. It must be carefully poured down the drain, followed by boiling water.

  • Another homemade trick is to drain three tablespoons of fruit salt and half a glass of white vinegar down the drain. You must let this mixture work for 10 minutes and once it has been completed. Let it run for another minute to eliminate any remains that may remain in the pipes.
  • In the event that this persists. You can use a U-shaped wire and insert it into the drain to remove those elements that are clogging the pipe.

Remember that with these simple gestures you can take care of your pipes daily without the need to reach greater evils.

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