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Inspiration for master bedrooms

Master bedrooms– The main bedrooms are very important rooms inside a home. Not only is it the place where we rest, but it is also the first thing we see when we open our eyes. That is why we believe that it should be a space that should be relaxing and motivating at the same time. In this article we will show you some images to provide inspiration for main bedrooms.

Inspiration for master bedrooms

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If you are thinking of changing the decoration of the master bedroom, you have a lot of alternatives. And unlike what many believe, it does not always have to be expensive. The renovation can come from the hand of changing or annexing a new piece of furniture to the bedroom. But we can also give it a new look by painting the walls, adding a carpet and a resource that never fails: the cushions.

Give priority to walls

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Generally, the bedrooms have more open walls than in other rooms. The shelves, although they are not forbidden, are usually located in classrooms or studios, for example. This makes the walls of a bedroom a nice blank canvas on which to show off. The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about wall decoration , are the paintings. It may be a good option to bet on a single box, if possible at the head of the bed.

It is important to always bet on striking solutions but that do not suppose a too powerful decorative focus. A wooden wall, for example, will bring the warmth that this room deserves. You can also throw yourself into something a little more risky, papering one of the walls or even covering it with leather or leather, yes, trying to have colors that lead to rest.

Cushions and bedding

We can not deny that the bed is one of the most important elements (perhaps the most prominent) of the entire master bedroom. Keeping this in mind, you have to call attention to yes or yes. You can get it with a nice padded head, for example, a trend that never goes out of style.

If you are looking for inspiration for master bedrooms, another interesting option is to make the bed look like a perfect place to relax instantly. How? With a lot of cushions. Place cushions of different sizes to create a contrast of volumes, colors and textures. In addition, you can also incorporate blankets, duvets or sheets with striking patterns to give a decorative plus to your bed.

Furniture for all tastes

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One of the important parts of bedroom decoration is the choice of furniture. Keep in mind that in a room it is not necessary to have so many furniture. A few bedside tables, box spring and a chest of drawers would be more than enough. In addition, as far as decorative styles are concerned, the bedroom furniture is of the most varied.

There are minimalist options with low beds, an option that we love. Base frames at ground level that make the rooms visually larger. There are also more classic alternatives, with colonial type furniture or with a certain romantic aspect. Always look at the size of your bedroom. The smaller it is, the less recharged your furniture should be.

Inspiration for master bedrooms: hair rugs

If the floor of your bedroom is a bit cold, one of the best solutions you can adopt is the use of carpets. Place a carpet at the foot of the bed or carpets on the sides of the bed, for when you take off your feet in the morning.

You can choose a lot of models, but if you’re looking for a warm effect, better bet on the hair rugs , whether long or short. This type of rugs are most comfortable to tread, something that, without a doubt, we will like to notice when we get up in the morning. Even more in winter, when the temperatures go down so much.

Master bedrooms with wooden floors

What did you think of the proposals? We hope that these lines serve as inspiration for principal bedrooms to all those who are thinking of improving their quality of life, because after all that is the case, improving the spaces in which we spend so many hours is nothing more than improving our style of life.

The charm of low beds

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The low beds are the kind of solutions that become fashionable and that begin to enter strongly into the world of decoration ; and is that who has not dreamed of having one of these wonders.

The low platform beds provide a really interesting air in our bedroom . We can say that they create distinguished spaces, with a certain luxury but throwing great oriental and even modern notes to our room; and it is that these low beds, with their platform at ground level, find their origin in the traditional beds that are used in Asian countries, the typical futon-based beds that Orientals like so much.

While it is true that stylistic power is important, we can not deny that this type of beds has other advantages such as the power to relieve the burden of furniture in the bedroom. That is, being lower than normal, they expand the visual field by subtracting volume from the whole. This translates into much larger stays, if only an illusion. Mind you, this does not mean we can use them in small bedrooms without a problem; and is that in this type of reduced stays, low platform beds, will probably make you notice a certain disproportion in the dimensions.

This type of furniture makes the light fill the rooms much more; and is that being low will pass a little more unnoticed, something that again increases the space creating elegant lines.

Is there a disadvantage for this type of beds? Well, the truth is that although we can not say that they are huge disadvantages, there are some points to take into account. To start, making the bed daily can be much more uncomfortable, because just, and worth the redundancy, the bed is more “low” than normal.


 we must bear in mind that low platform beds may not be suitable for elderly or people with reduced mobility; and is that getting up from this type of surface is not as comfortable or ergonomic as doing it in a bed of dimensions and normal height.

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