rectangular living room

How to decorate a rectangular living room – 4 ideas

Today we will see how to decorate a rectangular living room because it is one of the most important parts of a house. It is one of those places where we can spend most of our time and therefore, we must take care of it in detail. But, as you can imagine, each room is a world.

So, if for whatever reason you have a rectangular living room, you should not be overwhelmed thinking that you have little space or that you will not have traffic areas, do not think that it will be collapsed with things or anything like that.

The only thing you have to think about is that architecture is testing your creativity and that we are going to help you with various ideas to make it look spectacular. Let’s explore!!

How to decorate a rectangular living room

 rectangular living room

1. Control the number of furniture.

The best thing is to minimize the amount of furniture. This does not mean that you are going to have an empty room, but we recommend that you have the right and necessary to not subtract more space than is strictly necessary.

For this, we advise you to buy some furniture that is multifunction, so you will take advantage and you will have more space for storage.

2. Try to put all the furniture against the wall.

Furnishing a rectangular room is something special, it seems that we have to juggle the furniture to make it look good, but this advice will be very useful: Place as much furniture as possible against the wall when organizing living room.

Obviously, there are exceptions, not all will be governed by this advice. For example, the coffee tables will be placed between a sofa and the main piece of furniture. But the more furniture is positioned like this, the more space you’ll get no matter how narrow. That’s the best way to organize your furniture when you want to know how to decorate a rectangular living room.

 rectangular living room

3. Do not put too many decorative elements.

One reality is that vases with flowers, paintings, lamps, shelves and books are decorative elements that give personality to a room. However, in this case, we advise you that when decorating your rectangular room do not load it too much with this type of objects.

Choose some elements that give life and color, but keep in mind that surely your room has few square meters and it is still better to leave empty spaces. If it is done well, a very modern room can be left.

4. Choose non-bulky and semi-transparent curtains.

It is important that a long and narrow room has good light and that it has curtains that do not overload the environment and do not make it heavy. For this reason, it is advisable to use blinds or curtains that occupy little space, as well as some that provide brightness to the room.

 rectangular living room

Those were the tips that I thought will help many of you who want to know how to decorate a rectangular living room. With these tips, I hope you get to decorate your rectangular living room with the best possible distribution. Enjoy the best room in the house!

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