renovate the house

Know how to do mini reform to renovate the house in a few days

Sometimes we are facing a situation to renovate the house is not a viable plan for the time involved and the disbursement to be made. . But he is crying out for a series of improvements of all kinds. Undertaking mini-reforms is the solution. A successful alternative to reduce the discomfort of these jobs, control the budget and see results in a few days. Like the ones in this post.

In a house, there are always things to improve and renew. The painting of the walls, the restrooms of the bathroom, the countertop of the kitchen or the floor of the living room that suffers so much every day. That’s why the mini-reforms are an excellent formula to concentrate on those rooms or areas that need it most. Thus we can renew the domestic spaces gradually and with tighter budgets.

renovate the house

Mini reforms: start to renovate the house with it

Yes to the mini-reforms to carry out all those decorative changes that we had in our list of pending issues. However, although they are quite easy works that a complete reform and usually finish in a day they also require adequate planning. The most comfortable thing is to avoid doing several mini-reforms at the same time. Especially if we are living at home while performing tasks, which is usually the usual. Although one is in the bathroom and the other in the master bedroom. Does not matter. Otherwise, we run the risk of not controlling or supervising the tasks properly.

In addition, it is very important to consider the surprise factor. Once these mini-reforms have been initiated, we can discover that the solution thought does not convince us. Or that suddenly the budget has shot us without knowing very well in what. These unforeseen events can ruin the final result if we do not react in time. Hence the practicality of finding alternatives will be successful. Maybe look for other materials to moderate the final cost, or do without some elements to lower it.

New walls with a simple change of paint

One of the great advantages of the mini-reforms to renovate the house is they are very fast:  most can be perfectly finished in a day. And this is the best news when we start making changes in the rooms. We are looking forward to see how they have been and start showing off them right now. Renovating the paint on the walls of the entire house can be one of these mini renovations. Obviously, the dimensions of each home will mark the estimated duration time.

In general, in a house of medium size, between 70 and 80 square meters, one day is enough to renovate its partitions with two coats of paint. It was not necessary to prepare them because they were in poor condition or had old marks. Repairs delay. Another fact to value is that this type of mini-reforms comes out more profitable if they are conceived to paint all the walls and not just some. We will put the decorative novelty. If we want to renovate the house with trends, it is a golden opportunity to introduce the new color for 2019.

renovate the house

Brand new floor over the old

These mini-reforms also fit very well when we need to change the floor of the room with some urgency. Although the ideal is that the house is not inhabited to speed up the installation. The laminates and vinyl with click system are the fastest to put on an old floor. The reason is that they do not require a grip material. However, its installation will involve other tasks that it is important to know in advance. We will avoid last minute surprises.

On the one hand, it will be necessary to lower the doors of the room due to the thickness of these materials once placed. Do not forget that the insulating base also occupies. And on the other hand, take the precaution of applying to the old parquet a base that allows the tablets to breathe. It is possible that the price to renovate the house with these mini-reforms to replace the ground will be triggered if we do not control well certain technical aspects of the new material. How to choose a model with the level of resistance that suits our day to day: moderates are cheaper than high wear.

renovate the house

Finally replaced health

In the bathroom, the mini-reforms can achieve masterful changes. Once completed, it will seem that we have made more ambitious renovation projects than they really are. Perhaps our priority is to replace the toilets in search of innovative lines and cutting-edge technology that will allow us to save and practice more responsible consumption. If the plumbing network does not present problems, in a single day it will be possible to replace the toilet, sink and bidet.

Only a few key details are missing for the final result to be a success. Among them, choose designs that fit like a glove to the holes of the previous toilets and of course the water inlets and outlets. Those standing are a sure value to cheapen the final price to renovate the house with these mini-reforms of a bathroom.

A countertop matches the magazines

Renewing the kitchen countertop is a change that we all want. Especially, when we see the new materials and color palettes has launched by specialized firms. Thanks to these mini renovations in one day it is possible to release a completely new countertop fully assembled. Depending on the material chosen, the work will last a few hours or a long day. The synthetic and natural stone proposals, such as granite, require little time to be placed as they are already cut and ready to put.

In contrast, laminate countertops are usually cut in the kitchen itself to adapt to the sink and the plate, and that means more time invested. If we look for ideas to reduce the final price of these works, any laminated option will allow us to achieve it. Imagine how nice any house can be after a few mini renovations to renovate the house like that.

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