TV decoration ideas

How to integrate television into TV decoration ideas

The television is a device that you will see is in almost all houses. It is rare to find a  home without a TV, so it assumes its presence, but often we just do not like how it is and prefer to integrate it with the rest of the decoration.

In today’s article, we will see a few examples to inspire you and take ideas on how to turn TV decoration ideas to make it go unnoticed with some easy tricks. You will see how good they are and what the room wins without the TV in between.

TV decoration ideas

 TV decoration ideas

Mirrors that are a television

In the first position, you could not miss one of the objects that most surprise when you see them in operation. The first time I saw them, as almost certainly most people, was in a movie. The truth is that I did not imagine that these television mirrors were sold in stores, but that’s right if you want one, you can buy it!

Mirror hanging on the wall that is a television

Mirror hanging on the is exclusively dedicated to commercializing mirrors with television in the USA and lets you choose the inches, the type of frame for the mirror, USB and HDMI connections, Wifi if you want to integrate the Apple TV and some other things that are very good.

Among all the options that we will see in the post, this is the one I like the most if we put a modern frame can be great and are last generation teles, so the image quality is perfect.

 TV decoration ideas

Dark backgrounds forming a mosaic

If you already have some tv decoration ideas and you do not want to buy mirrored ones, a simple way is to camouflage it with a dark background that has straight lines and shapes so that when it is off, it will dissimulate a bit. It is not the best solution if you want to hide it, but it is the fastest and most economical.

By creating a dark background behind it, it will automatically be integrated into the decoration of the room or the room where we have it. If the TV you have is beautiful and the latest technology maybe you want to see it, so it can be a good idea, because as you can see in the picture is very good.

 TV decoration ideas

Hide television completely

You may prefer to hide it altogether, so all we have left is to cover it in some way and uncover it when you want to see it. There are solutions that are quite good, they are cool and nothing is noticed that there is a TV there.

This example is for the most classic. Embed the TV in the dining room furniture. I personally do not like the style, but the truth is good.

Some may have put the TV inside a kind of closet that may look like liquor for example. It looks good, I like it and it’s more dynamic than the previous one.

Finally, we have these TV decoration ideas that I like a lot. It is similar to the previous one but with a work of art. Let’s say we send the furniture with two doors, and an artist paints a picture to our liking. Of course, it is probably the most expensive option.

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