How is a Bar Mitzvah Celebrated?

The question of how a Bar Mitzvah is celebrated often plagues parents and children alike. After all, a child’s Bar Mitzvah is a momentous occasion, and it should be celebrated as such. Fortunately, there are many ways to celebrate a Bar Mitzvah without having to go broke.

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The first traditional ritual for Bar Mitzvah is the aliyah. This takes place during the first reading of the Torah after a boy turns 13 years old. Depending on the day, this prayer may be part of the service itself. The father of the Bar Mitzvah boy typically recites a special blessing thanking God for relieving him of moral responsibility. This custom often draws laughter from the congregation.

The ritual for bar mitzvah dates back to the sixth century, when it began in Palestine. It soon became an elaborate affair in Europe, and in addition to the seudah (the Jewish name for the bar mitzvah), the 13-year-old boy was also expected to give a lecture on a difficult point of rabbinical learning. The ceremony was traditionally held in the home of the family, in a rich banquet. If you need Bar Mitzvah Cards, take a look at

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A Bar Mitzvah is a ceremony held to celebrate a boy’s first reading of the Torah. It is part of a synagogue service and involves reading from the Torah. The rabbi then addresses the boy and his family and the community. The boy may also give a speech to those gathered for the ceremony. After the ceremony, the boy receives special gifts and a Bar Mitzvah meal.


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