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Most of us have found that if we want to be part of something in the modern world, we have to sign up for it on the internet. Online shopping, community pages, registering for information or a government scheme all generally involve having to use a particular website to get things started. Whilst there are still the alternative options of phone and post, this is not always the case. Therefore, we have to go through the process of entering our details to get set up.

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Companies and organisations are very aware of the hassle that this can cause. It’s known as “onboarding”. It’s called this as it evokes the same spirit of someone looking to get on board a ship for a cruise. Like with the ship, this can take time and is not always problem free. It’s why they turn to people like w2, who can provide them with a quick and easy system to let the organisation you are signing up to know who you are. This is called KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER.

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These companies and organisations realise that the easier it is to sign to their website, the happier you will be. This encourages dwell time on the site and an increased desire to possibly spend money or donate to the cause, whatever the website’s aim is. This is a vital part of the process because, if it’s done wrong or is difficult, the tendency to hang around is greatly reduced.


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