How to lay the perfect patio

When it comes to the garden, there is very little better addition than a nice level patio. The mix of paving slabs and beautiful flora is one of the most iconic scenes you can get in a British garden. As you look out over your little piece of heaven it’s good to know that you can have plenty of gatherings like barbecues and social events. However, a wonky one is just going to create a world of trip hazards and accidents waiting to happen. Best then to make sure it’s down properly.

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The first thing to do is to get a Mini Digger Hire Nottingham based company like JW Plant Hire on the phone. It may seem like you don’t need one, but you’d be surprised at how much earth you’re going to need to move to do this properly. Once its out the way you need to lay a level of hardcore to give the patio good drainage and solidity.

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Once that’s laid down you need to have it levelled off which is where the mini digger can help again. Now, drops of cement are added to the base of the paving slabs you want to lay. There’s no doubt that you’ll need to cut the slabs as it’s very rare that a garden fits your exact slab measurements. A rubber hammer is used  to bash the slabs level and knock them into place. Leave it to settle, and the cement to cure, and you’ve got the start of a good patio.


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