Advantages of Automating a Balanced Door

Automatic balanced doors are easy to open, regardless of size or weather. These automated Dawson doors New York increase security without compromising ease of access. In addition, a single company can design, manufacture, and install the automatic balance door, guaranteeing quality and meet safety and health regulations. Additionally, most companies offer warranty and maintenance contracts. These benefits are just some of the advantages of automated balanced doors. Here are some other reasons to consider them.

Less force is required to open.

Compared to other hinge types, a balanced door requires less force to open than its counterparts. The hidden torsion bar closer spring displaces some weight normally in the hinges, resulting in less force for the door to open. In addition, its elliptical swing path allows the door to open, with two-thirds of the door projecting outward and one-third projecting inward.

The weight of the door at the pivot point is 33 kilograms. The weight is divided by the distance between the force and the pivot point, which equals 9.8 newtons. The result is 1466 newtons, the same as the required force for static equilibrium. A balanced door is simpler and more efficient than a traditional hinged one. The lever effect multiplies the force required to open a wide door.


Balancing a door is an important accessibility feature that provides space for users with disabilities. It also allows power-operation technology to be used without the risk of snagging or damaging the door’s electronic mechanisms. A balanced door is also an energy-efficient and attractive design option. When combined with a power-operation door system, a balanced door is one of the safest and most reliable accessibility solutions for any building.

Automatically balanced doors are a great solution to space issues. They offer a wide range of functions and can be programmed to perform different tasks. In addition, automated doors can be adapted to fit a wide variety of doorframe styles, from contemporary to traditional. A balanced door is easy to install and requires little maintenance. It can be operated remotely, making it versatile enough for homes and businesses.


One of the key benefits of automating a balanced door is that it can free up human labor for more meaningful tasks. Balanced doors are more durable than hinged doors. They are tested to 1.5 million cycles and feature a precision-crafted 316 stainless steel system. The pivoting arms cause two-thirds of the door to swing outward and one-third to swing inward. A balanced door can also be aided by wind pressure. Due to their durable construction, they require less space than conventional hinged doors. Additionally, you can adjust the spring tension and closing speeds without removing hardware.


The hardware used to automate a balanced door must be visible and accessible, so the hardware cannot be hidden. This type of door system has long-term functional and aesthetic benefits. It can be used in commercial, institutional, or monumental facilities. When considering automating a door, choosing a manufacturer with a proven track record of creating durable, aesthetically pleasing doors is important. A balanced door system is a perfect option for any of these facilities.

A balanced door is designed to withstand an additional 8 pounds of force before it detects a blockage. The operator is not attached to the door, so it must be depressed to begin the opening cycle during an automatic cycle. However, the operator can only withstand about seven pounds of additional force before it senses an obstruction. Even a high-speed wind can put an additional seven pounds of force on a door.

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