Choosing the Right Hedge Trimmer for your Garden this Summer

Summer is here at last, and we all want to make the best of spending time outdoors and enjoying the garden. With this, comes a whole lot of garden jobs to do, to make sure that we can really make the most of it. One of the big jobs to do in the garden is cutting back all those overgrowing trees and hedges. If you have particularly tall trees that are getting out of control in your garden it is recommended that you seek the services of a professional, such as this tree surgeon Gloucester based rather than try to do it yourself, as it can be quite a dangerous job.

However, if you have some hedges and branches that you want to cut back at ground level, you may opt to do it yourself. To do this, you will need the right tools for the job – so what should you be looking for when it comes to finding that? Here is a rough guide to help you…

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If your hedges are on the small side, then look for something light. When cutting smaller hedges there is a lot of bending down involved, and a lighter model will take less toll on your back. A shorter and sharper blade is also something that is on your list to look out for. This will be easier to control and will get through a lot of the soft growth with ease, helping you to make short and easy work of the job.

For larger and more substantial hedges, you want to make sure that you have plenty of power. Look at the various types of motor available and the power sources, such as battery or petrol. It is worth remembering that these will likely be more cumbersome to handle, but they have the power that you need for tougher hedges. A longer blade is also something to keep in mind, as this will make getting through a larger area in one chunk easier.

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Whichever trimmer you go for and whichever type of hedge you have it is important to remember that these can be dangerous machines, so before you begin make sure that you familiarise yourself with safety features and if you can watch videos on how to use hedge trimmers safely.

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