Sprinkler and Lawn Irrigation System Repair

Many people opt for the automatic irrigation system when it comes to watering their lawns and yards, and the reasons are not far-fetched. An automatic irrigation system keeps your lawns watered all year round, ensuring that the grass is always greener on your side. In addition, a professionally installed and well-programmed irrigation system saves money in the long run and helps conserve water. Not to add, a well-maintained lawn increases aesthetic appeal and adds a lot of value to your property.

A sprinkler is made up of 4 basic components:

  • A timer / controller
  • Irrigation valves
  • Underground piping
  • Sprinkler heads

These components make the automatic sprinkler a very efficient irrigation tool. In addition, the timer ensures that the plants make the most of the applied water. This is because it can be set to any time of the day when the water will be optimally utilized by the plants, depending on the season and needs of the lawn.

A professional technician should install the sprinklers because the installation requires a lot of complex calculations to place the sprinklers at points that ensure that the lawn receives the perfect amount of water. The automatic sprinklers can also be programmed to discharge a calculated amount of water within a specified area, ensuring optimal water utilization. An automatic sprinkler system, however costly, is certainly worth the price.

The sprinklers that help maintain your lawn must also be maintained to prevent faults and damage. There are some maintenance practices which you can do by yourself, while some others are best left to a professional.

Some of the simple tips for prolonging the life of your sprinkler system include

  • Clean the sprinkler heads from time to time. A clogged sprinkler head results in low water pressure, leading to inadequate water application.
  • Change worn-out or broken sprinkler heads. Sprinkler heads can be damaged by a lawnmower or get worn out over time.
  • Do not ignore leaking sprinklers. They lead to uneven water distribution and may even rack up more water bills if left unchecked.
  • Change faulty pipes
  • Check the voltage
  • Ensure that the electrical connectors are waterproof.
  • Install a rain/freeze sensor to save water and prevent the sprinklers from working unnecessarily.
  • Inspect the whole system to check for broken pipes, leaks, or misdirected sprinkler heads.

Suppose your sprinkler system isn’t working correctly, or develops major faults which cannot be fixed with DIY tips. In that case, you should contact the services of a sprinkler repair company. Automatic irrigation systems are quite expensive. You do not want to fumble with the mechanism so as not to worsen the faults.

Some reliable companies can be contacted for sprinkler repair Denver, CO-based. These companies provide technicians who help with the installation, maintenance and repair of your sprinkler system to ensure that the grass is always greener on your side.

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