What do you do with a Broken Window?

There are many ways that a window could end up broken, as well as many different types of break that it could have – from next doors kids kicking a football through it, to a burglary, to general wear and tear.

Sometimes breaks to windows can be caused by bad weather, particularly if the windows are quite old and have seen better days! Another way that not many people realise a window can break is cause by a temperature difference across the window – if one part is always in the shade and one part of the window has sunlight shining directly on it, this can cause stress to the glass, ultimately meaning that it can crack and break.

When a break to your windows happen, it is crucial that you get a professional company such as Roman glass, glass suppliers Bristol. These glaziers Bristol are one of many companies that have the skills required to repair a window properly and safely.

You should certainly not under any circumstances try to repair the window yourself – for one thing, broken glass can pose a considerable safety risk if you don’t know what you are doing, and you may not repair it correctly, ultimately leading to you needing it to be replaced or repaired again, which could prove even more costly.

Of course, if the crack in the window is only slight, it is possible to secure the crack with tape such as duct tape, just to keep it safe whilst you wait for someone to come out to repair it.

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