what color should i paint my house

What Color Should I Paint My House?

It does not feel right if there is no color touch on the flat walls of the house. After the cast, you have to choose the lime, then any of the exterior colors. But these ingredients for home decoration contain a variety of chemicals, which can cause harm to health. So I want to be a little more aware of what color should I paint my house?

What color should I paint my house?

Some common ingredients can have a detrimental effect on human health. For example, epoxy surfactants are used for durability in many combined colors. They have damaging effects. Formaldehyde is used to prevent the fungus from forming again. It is also harmful. The enamel that is painted on a homemade grill or metallic paint contains harmful volatile biomass.

A study by the World Health Organization shows that the painter increases their risk of developing lung cancer by 25 to 40 percent. However, some common precautions can be taken to avoid these health risks of using dyes. The scent is one of the ways he knows how long the harmful chemical elements of the color can cause adverse reactions to health. Start living in the room immediately after the color has been removed. Make sure to have wide door and window arrangements and ensure adequate air and air traffic.

Color for room

The preferences or interests of the inhabitants take precedence n the use of colors on the walls of the house.  Generally, it is good to have different colors in the house. However, if the three walls of the room are off-white or white, the rest of the wall is different.

what color should i paint my house

The walls of the drawing-room may be red. The color is impressive and fits in with the atmosphere. First of all, since the house is open to the guest can often identify the eyes of an outsider. You can also use bright colors (eg orange) on the walls of the kitchen. The house is usually noisy. The gossip is very high.

So, the bright colors serve as a nice contrast there. We can use blue color for boys and pink styles for girls in choosing the color of the children’s room. In addition, different color variations can be placed on a feature wall instead of monochrome walls. Purple shades are appropriate for the bedroom. Older people may prefer to use light or off-white colors on the four walls of their homes if they dislike the use of more color.

Experts believe that the use of different color mixtures or emulsions should give priority to the elution of floral or abstract designs. The roof and floor of the whole house are good to use. It makes the rooms feel spacious. Using the same colors on four walls instead of off-white or whitewash creates a bound environment.

Common colors

At present, some company’s colors such as plastic paint, distemper, elution market in an eco-friendly way. So we will buy before buying the colors, whether it is environmentally friendly. And there is not much difference in price, even when it is not possible. Advice for those who have already bought other colors – Start living in the room after the color has completely dried out or applied more indoor plants in the place to eliminate color poisoning.

There are mainly two types of colors – water-based and oil-based colors. No lead is used in water-based colors. However, a small amount of lead is used in oil-based colors.

This effect of color depends not only on the clothes and but also on the color of your house where you spend a long day. Let’s know about all the features of different colors –


Yellow means a mixture of joy and creativity. If your house is close to nature, then you can use this color. The walls of the porch will beautifully be adapted to the bright yellow color.


You can use the orange color as the surrounding color. The original color may look orange when it is orange. You can choose orange for the dining room or kitchen. The color of the room will suit the children.


Green means coolness. You can apply this color in front of a large hall or at the entrance of your home. Whenever you return home after a day’s work, your eyes will be at peace.


Red is a symbol of strength and power. This color can be used to warm a place. The color enhances intimacy.


The blue color brings fresh refreshment to your mind. So the color of your bedroom maybe blue. Also, choose blue to get a cool feeling in the bathroom.


Black color declares power. The black background is the one thing you want everyone to see.


Gray color calms the mind. If you want to use one room in the house as an office room, then you can use this color there.


The color of elegance and luxury is purple. This is an excellent choice for the living room and master bedroom.


Like green, brown takes the mind to nature. Use this color on the wall of the room in which everyone will gather.


White color symbolizes cleanliness and purity. The white color match correctly to make space look bigger. So if your house is a little smaller, you can give it a white color on the wall. If the house doesn’t feel enclosed,

Remember, when choosing a color for your home, select one color instead of choosing one. Choose a color for the walls or floor near nature. Give the furnishings a cool color and use the rest of the decoration on a bright color. The more the color variations, the more comfortable the house will be.

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