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Know how to use the color to decorate your house

We put color to the rooms to sculpt shapes, give volume and in the background, reflect our mood. What is your tonality this season to decorate your house?

For those who fear to risk and see life in neutral; for the daring, if only in the details; for those who need a house that goes with their new style for those who need a high energy … There is a tone for each person, mood or type of space. The secret is to find yours or your home. We have prepared a quick workshop, with everything you have to consider, and the latest trends.

Neutral canvas: a corresponded love to decorate your house

They are those colors to which you can apply other stronger and give free rein to the imagination. They are not selfish and give all the prominence, to highlight the furniture, objects and fabrics. From the white (what we would do without it) to the coal or chocolate (yes, yes these are also neutral) through the stone or the conventional cream. When combined with each other, especially the warmest ones (oyster, stone or sand) you will obtain a sophisticated and glamorous result.

This neutral canvas allows us to play with creativity and take risks with prints and motifs. The light tones extend the meters, expand the light and are visually ‘clean’ and hygienic. The most intense are warm and full of visual strength. Although logically these dark tones are more recommended for large spaces, the first thing you should ask is the use of that room: “well, if you usually use it to relax at night. You will see how painting it in a dark neutral tone and adding a dim lighting will create an evocative and intense atmosphere when you decorate your house.”

decorate your house

All to the white

It is still the ‘ace in the sleeve’ of any decorative style and despite what it may seem it is not a cold color as long as “it is played with textures and materials. Some white walls stop being cold if you add a marble pavement, carpentry and some white cornices. Thus, through the mixture, it is possible to print warmth “.

Currently, a harmony and agreement between all the rooms of the house are sought. And in this search, the target is undoubtedly a safe bet: it brings a sense of well-being and floods every corner with luminosity. It is a perfect and classic way to decorate your house. It also triumphs in the most current ones and has found an ally in the Nordic. In Scandinavian decoration, furniture plays a transcendental role. To create warmth and highlight the tranquility of the environment, add accessories with texture, like a pendant light and bet on wood in all its forms.

decorate your house

The possibilities of dark tones

Visually striking, light and meters are two of the requirements they need to succeed and look as they should. For this reason, reserve them for rooms of large dimensions, bright and preferably facing south. The dark tones bring vividness and intensity to the spaces. In addition, they have the ability to print personality and character. That’s why, if you do not want to give them up even in the smallest rooms, paint a wall or insert a key piece (a sofa, for example) in this tone. The result of this is tremendously evocative and special when you decorate your house.

decorate your house

Inspiration is painted…

Green, orange, blue and yellow. And, if we follow the maxim of the architect Karim Rashid also in pink (the new black according to the designer). They are really all colors that arouse emotions, transmit something and are capable of giving life even to the most bland and gray space. The green, pure relaxation is always linked with balance and harmony; blue, with a sedative and refreshing effect, helps introspection and concentration; Orange and yellow are energy and positivism made color. Ideal in small doses, they are perfect partners of accessories and fabrics.

To decorate your house, color is tremendously linked to emotions, the tonalities acquire different faces and possibilities and as Bruguer points out, “color is not an exact science, since depending on its intensity it becomes a cold or warm tone, thus modifying its origin”

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