Types of Parking Lots

Nowadays many people have to rent apartments or rooms. No matter what type of roommate you are, if you rent an apartment and have got a car you should take care and find a proper parking spot in a parking lot. Today we would like to talk about different parking lots to help you choose a suitable one for your car.

Parking is an integral part of a residential, office and administrative complexes, as well as shopping malls.

There are several types of parking lots.

Surface parking lot. It is often just an outdoor area, which is adjacent to the building. In fact, it can be used by anyone.  At the same time, the surface parking can be a separate building, where cars are placed at several levels.

Multilevel parking lots. Multilevel parking is the most effective way to solve the problem of storage of large numbers of vehicles on a small area. These include underground, elevated and underground-elevated parking.

Underground parking lot. This parking involves placing vehicles directly under the building. Such parking lots are equipped with automatic vehicle placement with manipulators, carts, computer technologies.

Underground parking is a multilevel complex, designed to place hundreds of cars, in which the car can be left for an hour, a day or a month. Such parking lots are often located near airports and railway stations.

Elevated parking lot. It is situated on the roof of the building. However, it should be placed only on the roof of the low-rise building.

Structural parking lot. It is a separate building, often two- or three-level, near the business center.

Automated car parking lot. It is a multilevel structure equipped with parking stalls and an elevator. The vehicle is placed into a special receiver, which moves it to the empty stall.  In order to pick up the car, the owner uses a magnetic card. Experts consider that this is the most compact way to store vehicles, which requires minimum space. There are different types of automated parking lots: horizontal, vertical, horizontal-vertical and smart.

Guest parking is organized in addition to any of the mentioned types of parking near the apartment complex, office or on the territory of a cottage settlement to accommodate guests’ cars. Typically, this is a part of the fenced house territory allocated specifically for this purpose.

Intercepts parking. It is one of the possible ways to solve the problem of traffic jams. It offers everyone the opportunity to rent a car at an arbitrarily short period of time.

At present, every third person is a motorist. This is not surprising since modern life demands mobility and rapid movement from one point to another. However, in addition to proper care, a car requires careful storage. A caring car owner should think in advance where to store his vehicle and to rent a parking spot in Toronto. It should be noted that the smaller your car is, the easier it will be parked. It is best to park the car in the same place.

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