Summer house decor ideas

Summer house decor ideas to give your holiday home a cool look

If you are one of the lucky ones who have a second home to spend part of your holidays, I’m pretty sure you will prefer that it has a different look than your main residence to feel the difference of the two places. To make that happen you need some summer house decor ideas to give your holiday home a cool new look.

Before decorating the summer house you have to pay special attention to the environment and adapt the colors of the walls and furniture to the environment. I will say go with the fresh tones that enhance the luminosity, such as white, stone tones or even ivory color.

Decorate that as it should be. It is advisable that the image of your summer home vary depending on its location, so you should not decorate it as if it is on the mountain as on the beach … Discover here some of the useful tips that I thought will be so handy.

Some useful summer house decor ideas to look your house different:

Summer house decor ideas

A house in the mountain

If your second residence is located on the mountain or in a location close to it, it is advisable to adopt the decoration to match that environment. You can adopt a rustic style, which gives it a timeless and homely image.

Thus, furniture and wooden objects will be the indisputable protagonists. Choose pieces of antique furniture, away from the modern and minimalist aesthetic that prevails in many homes. The trick is to use elements, such as pavements or coatings made of stone, wood or ceramic, that add a natural and cozy appearance to the room.

Do not forget about the antique decoration objects. All in white, but also in yellow, earth, red, green and orange, to give the house that country aura you are looking for. These kinds of summer house decor ideas are very useful when it comes with nature.

Summer house decor ideas

The beach apartment

On the other hand, if the house is near to the beach, it is preferable that you go for a calm and relaxed decorative style… predominantly blue, yellow, tan, white or gray. Go with any suitable tones to connect the maritime environment with the interior of the house.

If you are lucky enough to see the sea from some of the rooms, it is essential to look for a better setup for the furniture so that you can enjoy those views. Remember that you are on vacation, so visualizing the sea can be the best way to enjoy calm and tranquility.

Summer house decor ideas when it comes to the beach, the normal thing is that some water or sand seeps into the house, so it is recommended that you choose resistant floors such as marble, stoneware, ceramics or terrazzo. To finish completing the space, fabrics such as linen, cotton or gauze will give a fresh air to your house on the beach.

Summer house decor ideas

Comfort is paramount

Whether your second home is on the mountain or near the sea there is a common denominator that should always be present: comfort. It is very important to look for simple furniture, easy to clean and little maintenance.

The ideal is to choose to place only the essential furniture, since the time you spend in the summer house is limited and you can usually do without many objects. For this reason, when you planning some summer house decor ideas, furniture with more than one function is particularly important.

It should be noted that in the second residences, the living room becomes the main space of the house, where you can enjoy long evenings, both day and night. Therefore, a large and comfortable sofa can be the element that presides over this important stay. You must not forget that this must adopt the decorative style of the house. Also, if you want to take advantage of the house during the winter months, you can choose to incorporate a fireplace. Keep reading Easy Home Improvement Projects

Summer house decor ideas

Take advantage of the views

When it comes to decorating a second home, it is very important to take advantage of the natural light and the surrounding views. Therefore, if any of the rooms has impressive windows you should distribute the furniture depending on them. Thus, you not only enjoy a look to the outside but also make the most of the natural light.

Ending message:

Those were the summer house decor ideas to give your holiday home a whole new look. I tried to make it as simple as possible but at the same time, I wanted to make sure your holiday home come up with every essential element to make your stay more comfortable.

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