Ideas to decorate an apartment

Tips to decorate an apartment and rent it (or sell it) before

Make your floor stand out, make it stand out. You will add visits! And, of course, you can justify a slightly higher price for how beautiful it is. Decorate an apartment to succeed.

Lots of Light

Decorate an apartment to rent or sell without getting into major works and renovations, you have to think that the photos will be that element that attracts future tenants and buyers. You have to make the floor feel bright. To do this, bet on painting the walls white and choosing furniture finished in soft tones. If you recover any furniture, brighten it with paint or patina.

Furnish to Expand Spaces

Both when taking photos and showing the flat, decorate the room with the main furniture because an empty space feels cold, impersonal, and always seems smaller. By furnishing you “show” the possibilities to the future tenant or owner, you help them see themselves living there and that will make you rent or sell faster. Among the ideas to decorate a small apartment, consider opting for low-rise furniture, lots of glass, and pieces with legs that separate them from the ground.

Decorate With Technology And Modern Appliances

In a flat to rent, it is important that the technology you leave is current. Nothing to decorate with an old tube television. Make the future tenant feel pampered and see that you make their life easier with a smart tv, smart or wireless speakers, etc. And the same goes for kitchen appliances. Integrate the less showy ones with doors and leave one with a careful design visible. And if you don’t rent a television, decorate the cabinet where it will go with books and some flowers.

Add “Fashionable” Elements To The Decoration

Show that you are interested in decoration and that you are up to date on trends. That will make the house feel current, regardless of the decorative style it has. It is about incorporating elements that are carried in interior design at the time you are going to rent the apartment. And this is not at odds with decorating a low-cost rental apartment. Invest in a specific piece when you have to look for a tenant again, but get lost in physical and online stores where there are real bargains.

Immaculate Sofa And Bed

They are two of the pieces of furniture that will attract the most attention from the future tenant. So to decorate a flat to rent, the sofa and bed must be spotless. No one will want to “notice” that they have already lived there. So if it is important that the entire floor is clean, the sofa and the bed cannot reflect use. The covers in the case of the sofa or the mats to hide a worn seat are perfect. And in the case of the bed, dress it properly with fluffy bedspreads and cushions (nothing that looks crushed).

The Size Of The Furniture

Do not take advantage of furniture that is left to you or that you recover from other houses if it does not fit in the space that you are going to rent or sell. It is a mistake to decorate with them because you will make the environment feel unbalanced. The furniture must have a proportionate size with the meters and distribution. Leave passage areas clear, so that you feel a place where it is possible to move. Furniture with rounded lines and low height always helps to this end.

A Well Equipped Kitchen

When you decorate the kitchen of a flat to rent, you should think about what is needed for day to day. That is, you have to equip it correctly. Think that the fewer things the future tenant feels that they have to bring or buy to move there, the more it will attract them. And as a trick, take photos with some fresh food in sight. It will give a feeling of being ready to receive.

The Style With Which To Decorate An Apartment To Rent

Are you wondering what style is the most suitable for decorating an apartment to rent or sell? Well, the answer is that you should opt for a neutral style. A style in which anyone can see themselves reflected attracts many people. The basics will make tenants feel like they can customize it with little. If you are looking for specific decorative styles, Nordic, minimalist (warmer than cold), updated rustic, and industrial would be the ones that will make you hit.

Details That Give Life

Don’t just decorate with the main furniture. Incorporate into your outfits, the necessary props that give life to the space. Flowers and plants are infallible in this task. Add some candles, books, and a tray or basket of folded blankets. It’s those details that make the space feel lived in and occupied. It will encourage prospective tenants to rent.

Take Advantage Of The Strengths Of The Floor

Do you have a terrace? Laundry room? Dressing room? Fireplace? Analyze the strengths of the home and be sure to show them appropriately in the photos and text of your ad to rent or sell. And, of course, take care of their decoration, even if they are not inside the house or they are not in the main room. Opt for a decoration that is always neutral (so that in both summer and winter they fit and the environments are not too “straightened” in one season).


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