Tips on choosing and buying dressmaking fabric

One of the benefits of making your own clothes is the fact that you can make something and know that nobody else will have anything that is exactly the same. However, if you are new to making your own clothes then you may not have any idea how to source the best fabric for the garment you want to make. Here we look at how to choose fabric for dressmaking and where to buy it from.

According to the Daily Mail quilting is better for your physical and mental health than exercise and the same could be said for making your own clothes. Added to this is the fact that the craft industry contributes around £3 billion a year to the UK economy, so people making clothes and other items is having a major impact on the UK economy.

How to choose your fabric

If you are a novice then it is inevitable that you will make mistakes, therefore, choosing an expensive dressmaking fabric for your first project is not a good idea. You will also need to pick a fabric that is easy to work with. This means that fabrics such as denim which is heavy, or cord that has ridges, are not great for a first project. Ideally, the fabric should be linen or cotton or a mix of the two and it is better if it is a plain colour or doesn’t have much of a pattern, as large patterns on fabric can be tricky to work with.

Where to buy your fabric

Once you have the pattern for your item, then you can choose your fabric. In the first instance, it is a good idea to visit some shops in person, such as department stores or local fabric shops, so you can get a feel for the different types that are available.
So, now you know how to make sure you have chosen the right fabric and you have some ideas of where to get it from, it’s time to get on and do it. So Happy Sewing!  A lot of crafters will often se the material they want, take the number, the colour and then go online to buy it in bulk and save a lot of money.  Then all you need to do is get it sent to your door which a Slough Same Day Courier service found on sites like will be more than happy to do.

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