How to create a vintage look in your bedroom

The term “vintage style” is quite difficult to define, and many people have their own interpretation of what they consider to be a vintage look. While some people simply like to recreate the theme in their interior design, for others, it’s more about a way of life. The vintage look can help to create a cosy feel to your room that can be further enhanced by ensuring your heating is in full working order ready for the colder months. A Boiler Installation Cheltenham company such as can help you.  How can you create a vintage look in your bedroom?

Getting the colour right

Colour is probably one of the elements of vintage style that most people will associate with the trend. You should use lots of white, muted neutral colours interspersed with icy blue and a hint of pink.

Whether it’s paint for the walls and floors or fabrics for bed linen and curtains, getting the colours right is the basis for creating the vintage look you’re after.

Don’t forget about pattern. Vintage is one design trend where you can let your imagination run free and be as bold as you want to be. Mixing florals with stripes and checks isn’t just permitted; it’s positively encouraged!

Choosing accessories

There’s now a booming market in vintage accessories, so you will have plenty of choice. If you want to buy second-hand furniture and upcycle it yourself to get a uniquely, personalised finish, try flea markets, second-hand shops and car boots, although this isn’t always the most cost-effective way to do it.

Vintage furniture no longer comes cheap. As far back as 2012, the BBC reported that the cost of second-hand furniture was rising in proportion with the popularity of the vintage, shabby chic trend.

If you’re looking for items to help you create the vintage style in your home, you don’t always have to scour flea markets and car boot sales.

Adding your own gallery to one of your walls is a reasonably cheap way to create a vintage vibe. You can usually find retro prints for reasonable prices, along with frames. The beauty of a gallery is that no two pictures need to be the same size or shape. In fact, some would say that the more they clash, the better!

Whether you’re just dabbling in an interior design trend or want to fully embrace the vintage style as a lifestyle choice, it is quite easy to create the look.

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