Hammam Wet Sauna

The Hammam Wet Sauna: Its Fascinating Origin, Benefits and More

The sauna is one of the inventions that have attributed the most pleasure to humanity; many people use them to relax and find a moment free of stress and worry. There are, as you can imagine, different types of sauna around the world. On the one hand, we have the finnish sauna, which are the most popular, the ice saunas and the infrared saunas.

However, there is a type of sauna that is currently causing a lot of rage and more and more people are giving it a space in their homes. We are talking about the hammam wet sauna , also known as the turkish sauna or turkish bath.

Hammam Wet Sauna

The wet sauna can be found in different spas and spas, as well as outdoor whirlpools , but now it is possible to have it at home at a reasonable price and with an installation that is not too complex.

In our official hydromassage web store you can find various models of hammam wet sauna , each with different characteristics and functionalities, which adapt to the needs of each user.

The origin of the hammam wet sauna

Despite what is believed, the turkish bath did not originate in western asia, but is the evolution and adaptation of the roman baths. Like the latter, they were also a meeting place, where people got together and had a social life.

Later, members of other cultures visited these places spreading their use to their home countries, making them especially popular in turkey. For this reason, this type of sauna is known as a hammam turkish bath.

How does the hammam wet sauna work?

In the hammam wet sauna – like some that we have available in our company – there is a steam generator that is capable of converting water into steam. Once the process is done, the system releases it into the air inside the sauna.

Unlike traditional systems, hammam-type saunas are completely hermetic, seeking to concentrate a large amount of steam and humidity inside.

Turkish baths mix three elements that will help you feel revitalized. We refer to temperature, steam and natural essences.

The temperature -warm- activates blood circulation thus bringing more nutrients to the nervous and hormonal system; steam, meanwhile, benefits those seeking smooth skin, as it can open up the pores to let toxins and impurities out.

On the other hand, the use of natural essences, such as eucalyptus, can give you a good smell during your hammam wet sauna session and also help you breathe easier.

One of the peculiarities of the hammam wet sauna type devices is that the humidity concentrated in them is almost 100%. At that point, the air condenses on the tempered glass walls.

All this, as we explained a few paragraphs above, is beneficial for the release of toxins in the respiratory tract, opening the mucous membranes of the body.

Like other saunas, turkish baths have many benefits for the body. If you are still thinking of buying one, knowing these factors, you will surely opt for one of them.

Turkish wet sauna benefits

One of the main benefits of the turkish sauna is that it helps improve blood circulation. The heat emanating from the water vapors promotes circulation and also reduces blood pressure.

Another health benefit of these types of saunas is that the humidity helps eliminate toxins. It is an element that can considerably reduce fatigue and stress.

When there are periods of coughs and colds, a session in the hammam wet sauna can be the solution. The steam helps to free the airways, being conducive to the elimination of these conditions.

The skin also receives important benefits thanks to this type of sauna. The appearance of the skin improves thanks to the stimulation of the tissues by the dilation of the pores.

For girls, the hammam is a source of relief during the days of menstruation. Many studies certify that a session in the hammam wet sauna helps to release stress and nervousness produced during the menstrual process.

The expectorant capacity of the hammam is one of its strengths. We already explained that it is effective on days of coughs and colds, but it also helps in case of other respiratory conditions. This is possible because the heat affects the paranasal areas, the throat and the lungs.

Those who have trouble sleeping will also benefit from the qualities of the hammam wet sauna . The body not only rejuvenates when you are awake, but also when you sleep at night.

The vapors generated in the hammam wet sauna provide vitamins and minerals for the skin. Both are what help to promote a state of relaxation and rejuvenation during treatment.

Lastly, the hammam wet sauna is ideal for relaxing your muscles. This property makes it an ideal device for people who practice physical activity or suffer from certain muscle ailments.

These are some of the multiple benefits of the turkish sauna, but now we recommend you delve into an important topic: what you should know before using a sauna of this type.

How is the hammam used?

Before entering a wet sauna it is important that the person hydrates correctly. What is there to do? It is advisable to take a shower with cold water, so that in this way the body is not dry.

On the other hand, if you are going to use the sauna for the first time, what is recommended is that the time inside is not more than 15 minutes. Experts recommend that the maximum time for all users be 30 minutes.

Finally, after leaving the hammam wet sauna, you should take another shower with cold water. This is done because after being exposed to high temperatures (it can reach 50 degrees) the body must be stimulated and remove the remains of dead skin.

By following these three recommendations, you will be able to live a good experience inside the hammam wet sauna.

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