Upgrade your windows post covid

How can you tell if your windows need replacing? If you’ve recently started to notice that your windows at home or in the office are looking a bit past their prime then you might be considering if it’s time to have them replaced or not. Consider the following and if any of them sound like your windows then their days might be numbered.

Noticing a draft? While all windows will allow a little bit of air in, if you can feel it or easily notice it then something isn’t right. Not only will a draft make you uncomfortable but it will also be affecting the energy efficiency inside your home or work place. Wooden window frames become warped over time due to moisture exposure and this can create gaps. The corners of the frames may become loose and that’s another way in which too much air can be getting in. Weather stripping is only a temporary fix and at some point in the near future your windows will need replacing.

Opening and Closing – having trouble opening or closing your windows could be a sign that it’s time for new ones. Older windows have a balancing mechanism that keeps them open and if this is worn out then the window can slam shut at any time which is clearly dangerous especially if you have small children. This can also be an issue with metal or wood windows, especially if they haven’t been painted properly and are suffering from rot or rust.

Condensation inside glazing – if you have started to notice condensation building in between the double glazing then the glass might need replacing. Fogging between the glass panels is an indication of a seal failure as moisture is seeping in. The insulated glass is no longer doing its job properly.

Energy Bill – you don’t understand why your energy bill continues to creep up all the time? It could well be the case that you have an efficiency problem. Did you know that drafty windows can increase an energy bill by 10-25%? Old windows can make heating more difficult and replacing them entirely might be more cost effective in the long term as your energy bills will see a reduction as a result of lower cooling and heating costs.

Dirty – Sometimes your windows have just been in your work office for so long it’s built up layers of dirt which affects the efficiency and quality.  You could ask a Commercial  cleaning Gloucester company found at links including intocleaning.co.uk/  to come in as many times as suits you and clean the windows for you.

Adding value – if you’re thinking of putting your home on the market or just want to add value then remember that windows are one of the most obvious features on the outside of your home and if they look worn out then it reflects on the rest of the property. You might want to consider installing larger windows which are known to have benefits for your well-being due to bigger windows increasing a room’s natural light leaving it looking and feeling great too. Having lots of daylight in an environment increases productivity and comfort.

Broken or damaged – this is probably the most obvious of all the factors where you might need to replace windows. If they are clearly warped, smashed or damaged in any way, for example, if you’ve just been badly affected by a storm. Whilst it can be possible to replace glass, if the sash or frame is damaged in any way, even if the window still operates, it’s best replace them before they develop serious problems.

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