12 cheap decorating ideas to renovate your dream home

“Home sweet home” that what we call our house and believe it as our haven in the earth. We all want to decorate the home finest way as a passion to look it better. Here are some of the quick and cheap decorating ideas to renovate and change the existing lackluster appearance of your rooms.

Now are you ready for a real change for your existing home, but you do not have much time or enough fund to remodel it as your expectation? It is the time to save big! Now you can create a whole renewed look in a quicker time than you thought.  

12 cheap decorating ideas I thought are great for all who own a home:

1. Change of place:

Sometimes, you see all in there but not in the right place to look better. Here all you need is moving the furniture and accessories to give a renovated look to a room that already there. You can also try to move things from one room to another room or just mixing and coordinating all your old things with the new ones.

cheap decorating ideas

2. Modify the purpose:

Think about a tin can of your child that can easily transform to a lovely towel rack for towels rolled in the bathroom. Have you seen a small bedside lamp on the kitchen counter that instantly creates a warm, lovely atmosphere in the kitchen area? This little change with cheap decorating ideas can make a huge difference.

3. Welcome the contrast:

Instead of using regular towels that coordinate with the walls of the bathroom, try to bet on the exiting contrast. You can apply intense chocolate brown color towels if you have a lilac or pale pink color bathroom wall. You can also play with the bright lime colored walls that combined with strong turquoise towels.

4. Bet on green:

These types of plants are growing very well in the humid atmosphere of the bath and obviously create a renewed appearance with cheap decorating ideas. If you do not have “green hands”, try a vase of aromatic cut flowers such as tea roses or freesias.

5. Take a look in the Frame:

Your changes in the frames of the photographs and pictures or rotate the artworks between rooms can look it much better than the previous. I bet you have a quite large mirror up on the bathroom sink along with a frame! Apply some painting ideas with contrasting colors to give a fresh new look.

6. Decorate kitchen cabinet:

Little changes in the bathroom fixtures and kitchen cabinets such as glass, wood or ceramics can bring the charm of rural areas. Polished metal knobs and hinges can give a modern look even to basic cabinets.

7. Observe with a new light:

It is surprising what a new lamp or ceiling lamp can do for a room. You can even change the bulbs from rigorous white to soft pink or just add a dim light in the bedroom.

8. Decorate the curtains:

Use a hot glue gun to add a twine or ribbon ornament or gems/crystals to a single curtain to create a custom look. It’s a great way to make lamps that do not coordinate look like a pair.

9. Delineates with white:

By painting a bright white ornament and white doors you can illuminate a room and also produce a great graphic interest. Using this type of cheap decorating ideas are the best resource when you paint your doors.

10. Add a touch to the wall:

While painting a room in an intense color can give it an overwhelming appearance. A contrasting wall can bring warmth and attractiveness. If the room is already painted, try applying some good cheap decorating ideas to look it good. You can use a darker shade of the same color on one of the walls.

11. Take a look at the ceiling:

It is a good idea to paint the ceiling light blue or in a softer tone than the color of the wall. You can also whitewash or ebonize wood floors instead of restoring them.

12. Show off the “imperfections”:

Do you have uncomfortable angles or sloping roofs? Instead of trying to hide them, just highlight them. Paint stripes in contrasting or coordinated colors to turn a possible design horror into a point of attention.

Ending message:

Those were the simple but quite effective ways to renovate your home in the simplest way. Applying little changes in your basic furniture and décor can give your home a whole new appearance.  These cheap decorating ideas are the best tools to renovate your home and live your dream on.

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