Kid’s birthday party decoration

Kid’s birthday party decoration ideas in summer

Does your little boy meet the years in summer? Cool! The summer season opens a whole world of possibilities in what to decorate kid’s birthday. With a little imagination and the fact of being able to enjoy the outdoors, you can organize a party that neither he nor his little guests will forget. Here are two great ideas: a superhero party and a birthday party on the beach. More fun, to enjoy an amazing kid’s birthday party decoration!

The birthdays of children that are celebrated during the summer months, especially July and August, often leave a bittersweet feeling in the children: on the one hand, the possibilities of celebrating it in the open air multiply, with the pleasure that this entails. On the other hand, children have the regret of not being able to celebrate with their friends at school. With these two great ideas to decorate kid’s birthday, your churumbel will be so happy that he will not mind. You will see!

To inspire you, we have chosen two very different themes, both featuring girls. Although with changes in the color palette and some different details, you can celebrate the birthday of the king of the house. So the question of gender is the least important.

Kid’s birthday party decoration in the field

If you are one of those who prefers the mountain, the town or any other rural environment, you will like this fun way to celebrate the birthday of your children. This option also serves when the holidays have already come to an end and you have some free days to spend at home because there is always a large park in which to have fun.

It is a superhero-themed party, in this case, Supergirl that I loved. One of the things that have seemed great to me is the way everything has been done by hand. It is true that it is much more laborious, but … do not you love the result? Start preparing it ahead of time and it will not cost you that much.

Kid’s birthday party decoration

A very vintage supergirl costume

For kid’s birthday party decoration ideas, I love the vintage air that has the Supergirl costume of the birthday girl. From The Tortoise and the Hare teach us how to do it taking advantage of some clothes that you have at home, including the flowered carpet that becomes a magic layer. Buy felt to make the mask and the applications of the coat and belt and that’s it!

In this case, the intense colors that dominate the aesthetics of the heroes (blue, white, red, yellow, black) have been changed to softer ones such as water green, gray or pale pink, with some touches of red. Personally, I think it’s a wise move since they are responsible for the vintage air that the party has. Anyway, you know that you can choose the colors to your liking.

Kid’s birthday party decoration

The snack and the complements

You do not need great things to make a successful birthday. Surely you get it if you prepare the guests a good program of games and activities and a delicious cake. For kid’s birthday party decoration, you can decorate the glasses and make invitations and packages of gifts to match the ornamentation of the party.

And if you want to succeed, prepare some masks for all attendees equal to those of the supergirl birthday girl. They will love it!

Kid’s birthday party decoration

A birthday on the beach: sirens party

If your girl is a Little Mermaid fan and you also spend the holidays by the sea, you already have the perfect excuse to celebrate her birthday. Put into action this idea of One Charming Party. You will see what a surprise in kid’s birthday party decoration ideas!

You will not need many things or prepare many games. It’s what decorating children’s birthdays with the beach as a stage, that the fun puts the environment itself. Making sandcastles and practicing endless water games are some of the activities that will not be missed. Of course, you can enjoy the invitations, the cake and the crown of the Queen of the Seas.

Kid’s birthday party decoration

Turquoise and purple, the perfect colors by the sea

One of the most important things when decorating children’s birthday (or I think it is) is the choice of colors for the party. It is best to select a combination of two, or at most three, tones and use them in all the trimmings and accessories.

Just as in the festival of the supergirl jacket, soft vintage colors were chosen, in this mermaid party the combination of turquoise and purple triumphs. These two colors are very appropriate by the sea.

If you like them use them in the decoration of the place, in the invitations for the assistants, in the accessories that you need (tablecloths, napkins, plates, etc.), in the swimsuit or the crown of the birthday girl, etc.

Either of these two kid’s birthday party decoration ideas can be an inspiration for decorating children’s birthday in summer. Surely the kids have a great time and the birthday boys will remember those parties forever.

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